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Sometimes It's the Little Things

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Monday, June 23, 2014

We start out having a goal and sometimes the big picture gets lost in our focus of that one, and only that one, certain goal. We don't even notice the little things that are happening to our bodies, our minds, our attitudes.

Take for instance, a few years ago if someone had suggested getting up at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. just for the sake of taking a walk when it was cooler outside; I would have laughed at them. I like to sleep until I wake up normally, not to the sound of an alarm. But, as time went by, the satisfaction of knowing that I had gotten in my exercise for the day became more motivating to me than that extra hour or two of sleep.

A few years ago (before SP) I never dreamed of tucking my shirts inside my pants, well, OK, maybe I did "dream" of it, but I certainly never DID it -- it emphasized my stomach, and who wants that. Today I pulled on a pair of exercise capri's (a bit too big for me now) and a snug, sleek exercise tank top. It fit so nice and snug over my hips I thought, why not wear it 'inside' my pants? Yes, why not -- the big stomach was gone. Now, that wasn't my goal, but it surely is a very nice perk.

A few years ago I would not have dreamed of eating my dinner at 8:30 p.m. I had it firmly planted in my brain that anything you ate after 7:00 p.m. would go straight to fat and stay there. Wrong! Your body digests all the food you eat during the day the very same way. There is no little guard inside your body that says, "Oh, no, she's eating after 7 o'clock -- this food goes directly to FAT." It just sees that more food is there to be processed; and if it doesn't exceed your normal caloric intake, and it's less than the calories expended, it matters little when it went into your mouth. Perhaps it is not a good example to down a piece of pecan pie with ice cream on top of it just before you go to bed, but if it's some healthier food, go for it. And my food tonight was a nice big salad with a few small pieces of chicken breast -- probably not what my choice would have been in years past.

A few years ago if I happened to be invited out for a brunch date; knowing full well that it was likely I would over-eat, I sort of figured, well I've blown it for today, so I might as well eat all the stuff I've been craving. I can always start over tomorrow.
Today my choice would be a lot different. First of all I would avoid a "brunch" date at all costs, but if I did find myself eating out for breakfast I would order something like an egg white omelet with mushrooms and a sprinkle of cheese, either no toast or a piece of 100% whole wheat, with perhaps a dish of fruit on the side. If breakfast was at someone's house and I had no control of the menu, I would still not fall back on the old excuse of "I've blown it, I may as well eat everything I want today." It's not the way to stay on track. As soon as you realize you have eaten something you should not have eaten, try to stay on track by eating low-cal healthy food the balance of the day, you can probably come out OK in the long run.

So when you think of your time before SP and compare it to how you do things now, you will most likely see that things are changing, and it's not only your weight. It just proves that little things DO make a difference, because little things add up to something big! Like reaching that goal!

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