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Hungry, Hungry Hippo!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today has just been one of those days where I woke up starving, and am starving again 10 minutes after I eat. I don't know what's going on with me, but all day long I have wanted to eat, eat, eat. The bad news is that I HAVE eaten a lot, but the good news is that it has all been healthy food. Veggie burgers and salad and stuff. I'm irritated that I'm so hungry today, but I'm proud of myself for making healthy choices when I eat. Trying to look on the bright side.

I guess the hungry hippo stuff started about 6 am. I woke up starving and ate a bunch of Amy's Bunnies. Ummm... at least they're whole grain? Trying to find the upside to that. I drank some milk with them. I was not pleased with myself for that. I'm really trying to break that middle of the night eating habit. {6 am is the middle of the night for me... lol} It's tough, though. I wake up hungry and I have NO will power. I just wanna stuff my face with something so I won't be hungry and can fall asleep again. I failed last night, but I try again tonight!

I'm also a little irritated with myself for not exercising today. I had... yet another... headache, and just generally didn't feel well, so I lazied out. Not proud of myself for that one.

I did do a few good things today though:

1. Chose healthy foods.
2. Ate lots of veggies.
3. Organized the kitchen and took note of what we have.
4. Drank lots of water.
5. NOT given in and eaten fatty burritos and sour cream.

So the day hasn't been a total wash.

Tomorrow is going to be very annoying. I have to see my psychiatrist. My appointment is at 1:30, but she ALWAYS leaves me waiting in the waiting room a minimum of an hour, and usually closer to 2 hours. So it's hard to say what time she will actually call me back. And the appointments are always stressful cause she wants to reduce medications, and that concept scares the crap out of me. I am SO not looking forward to it. Also not looking forward to going out in the hottest part of the 90+ degree day. Glad I only have to do this once every 3 months!

I will come home and cook, though. I know, in advance, I'm going to be crazy tempted to stop and pick up food and bring it home. But I'm not going to give in to that urge. I'm going to come home and make the pork chops with mushroom sauce and polenta, and lots of veggies, that I'm planning on. Must. Fight. The. Temptation.

Now I think I am ready to lay down and read and relax until bedtime. Which will hopefully come sooner rather than later, so I won't eat more!

Hope everyone had a spiffy Tuesday!

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PICKIE98 6/18/2014 6:16PM

    When I am that hungry, I force myself to drink a big swig of water AFTER EACH BITE!! IT takes time and fills me up very quickly. The plus side is, everything swells up inside from all of the liquid, AND I void the toxins out from all of the water.
I also picture that money being handed over to a big corporate officer with imported shoes, suit, tie that cost more than my car, instead of a food worker... that $$ could be buying a nice bag of veggies, fresh fish or makings for BBQ for us.(NOT them!!)

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EMMACLAIRE5 6/18/2014 1:06PM

    I had a hungree day yesterday as well :-( Hoping to get back on track today - hope you feel better as well and are able to make it through your psych appointment with no problems!

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MARYBETH4884 6/18/2014 7:17AM

    Great plan for this afternoon!! Remember on the way homet hat everything is ready for you to cook so you don't need to stop!! Hope the DR. isn't too stressful or long of wait! There really is no reason for that!! Just poor office and time management!! Glad you chose healthier food to indulge in yesterday, it's a step in the right direction!! emoticon

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JO88BAKO 6/17/2014 11:55PM

    Great job on a hard situation! Good for you. I have days like that too. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!

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MEOWMEEEOW 6/17/2014 10:48PM

    I'm praying for your appointment tomorrow.

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SMILES4100 6/17/2014 10:14PM

    You can do it! I hate how convenient the bad food is. Well, at the very least, fast food isn't good food. Sending you luck and strength to say, "No!"

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STEVEN2GO2 6/17/2014 10:06PM

    You were hungry but you did well to control that need. Yesterday you had a great workout and your body was demanding replenishment, and even barely awake you made a healthy choice with that.

Try not to be too concerned with your visit to your Doctor. You Doctor sounds swamped with patients and is human too. If she attempts to adjust your meds, demand that she has blood work done to see if the are in the current appropriate levels in your system. My Doctor checks my blood levels and listen on how I feeling and doing and then makes adjustments based on the evidence.

emoticon about the headache preventing you from exercising, but maybe your body and mind needed a respite today from yesterday.

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1CRAZYDOG 6/17/2014 9:43PM

    It is so hard to not have the simple carbs (like the Bunnies) but they really set you up to be hungry! You eat them, the blood sugar rises, them insulin is dumped to take care of the sugar, and that leads to hunger and the whole cycle starts again.

Actually when we eat lots of salt, it also sets us up to be hungry! So, water, water, water is my first line of defense. When I'm starving, I always do HALT

I ask myself, am I:
H ungry
A ngry
L onely
T ired

That causes me to pause before eating. And if the answer isn't HUNGER, then food isn't the solution.

Anyhow, tomorrow is a new day, fresh start, clean slate. You can do it.


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LISADCANNON 6/17/2014 9:26PM

    Good job looking at the bright side! Be thankful for each new day and be sure to bring a good book tomorrow to pass the time! emoticon Have a blessed day!

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HOLLYM48 6/17/2014 9:16PM

    Good to look at the upside of things. Tomorrow is a new day. Keep on fighting to be the best that you can be. You made some good choices today to combat the hunger. Being hungry is not a fun thing so good job in picking healthy options!

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