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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I suppose everyone cheats at something, sometime. I certainly drive higher than the speed limit, I've been know to test the definition of yellow light / red light. I learned many decades ago that cheating in one's love life is a definite no-no. I'm happy to state I've not ever crossed that line.

I'm writing about cheating because it's on my mind right now. No, I'm not about to launch into a torrid, sordid affair. I've been grading papers - college freshman history. Out of 39 students, 36 submitted the assignment, and of those 2 completely copied. I mean word for word - not even bothering to change a word here or there - right of the internet. It's astonishing that they seem to think (a) I won't find out, (b) I won't mind, (c) that it's okay to do it. Fortunately, I am VERY skilled at writing a message about this that makes them feel like they betrayed me, the school, Jesus, Buddha, their mama, and their dog. They get a zero on the assignment and the very real threat of a repeat resulting in failing the course and/or suspension from the university. So they either don't do it again, or become far more skilled at evading detection.

Cheating on one's eating, however is another matter. There's no one to fool. It's just me. I've mentioned before that I'm sober for 30+ years. In the early days of sobriety, I used to have occasional crazy thoughts along the lines of, "I could have one sip. No one would know it."

Fortunately, it was always quickly followed by the thought, "Idiot, it doesn't even matter if anyone knows it."

It's not the knowing or not knowing. It's not about "getting away with it." Cheating is still cheating regardless whether it is detected. In the case of dietary cheating (like drinking) I'm only cheating myself. I'm the only loser in this arrangement.
I'm coming more and more to realize the truth and value in this. Unlike drinking, eating is not something I can just quit. I cannot just abstain from all eating. So there is a big difference. With drinking it was never about "learning to drink in moderation." Nope. All or nothing was all that worked for me.

Eating, however, doesn't work that way. As a friend said years ago, "Three times every day we have to go back into the cage with the lion." I'm getting better at learning how to avoid provoking the lion. That's probably about as good as can be hoped for.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this blog so much. I love the whole lion thing. It's SO true! Thank you!
    1374 days ago
    Great blog.
    1375 days ago
    Cheating... generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation. So, cheating on one's eating? What's the advantage gained? At what cost? Am I willing to pay the price?

    Thanks for your post. Food for thought (no pun intended).
    1375 days ago
    I have to remind myself of this often! Both with eating, and with exercise! It's easy to "take it easy" at exercise for a day here and there, but what's the point? That's cheating, and it's only hurting me. Thanks for the post; it was a GREAT reminder!
    1375 days ago
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