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Fatty Liver Disease Caused by Obesity

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I saw this article in the New York Times yesterday. Usually fatty liver disease is found in alcoholics. Now it seems it is a burgeoning problem caused by overeating.

Everyone is horrified by the practice of fattening goose livers for foie gras (which means, after all, "fatty liver" in French) by forcefeeding. It's a process called "gavage", ordinarily used to deliver food directly to the stomach of patients with throat obstructions. Gavage is only done with the consent of the patient, except for infants. And except for geese.

Now people are apparently forcefeeding themselves willingly and by their own hands. There is no cure, no pharmaceutical aid, nothing but a liver transplant will help. Right now a practicing alcoholic can't qualify for a liver transplant because he'll just do the new liver what he did to his old one, but what will they do about an obese patient needing a liver? Will the same rule prevail? There aren't enough livers available for transplant as it is. As the problem grows, what will happen?

Obesity causes more than strokes and heart attacks, it seems.
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