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Miscellaneous trip shots #5 2014 Trip

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's a sunny, warm morning in Brawley. I'm on my bicycle at 6:00am and decided to come to Starbucks to post some of the photos that have "fallen by the wayside."

There were dozens of these in New Mexico:

They are about 50 miles west of Socorro, the VLA (Very Large Array) - a series of 27 (yes, twenty-seven!) 230-ton radio astronomy dishes, arranged in a flexibly Y configuration. Using astronomical interferometry, the array is the equivalent of a single dish up to 22 miles in diameter. The Carl Sagan film Contact was filmed there (the other dishes for the film were added using computer-generated imagery).

The plains are the site of the Very Large Array. The plains were chosen for the observatory because of their isolated location away from large population centers, and the partial shielding effect of the surrounding mountain ranges. The edges of the plains have sites of archaeological interest such as a prehistoric rockshelter known as Bat Cave.

Other sites in the area include a ghost town called Old Horse Springs and the Ake Site, a prehistoric occupation site. The Ake Site is particularly important for the age and length of its use by prehistoric peoples. It has been dated during the Clovis period between 10,999 BC and 8000 BC, and during the Folsom period between 7999 BC and 5999 BC, making it among the oldest sites in the American Southwest.

To boldly go....

US Highway 60, New Mexico

Sacred Heart Church, Quemado, NM

Some photos of Tonto Natural Bridge Park, Payson, Arizona:

Enjoying an apple under that gorgeous tree!
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