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10 servings of fruit & vegetables on 50 Net Carbs

Friday, June 13, 2014

I always get asked how I can get my 5 servings a day on such a low number of Net Carbs, so I decided to add that to today's blog. I am using serving size off the No Salt canned vegetables, so maybe I am off slightly on the servings, bit I think it is close enough.

Breakfast) 2 slices pineapple rings - 15g carbs .. 1 g fiber ( 1 serving )

Lunch ) 1 can No Salt tomatoes - 17.5 g carb .. 3.5 g fiber ( 3.5 servings )

Lunch ) 1/2 a white onion - 6.5 g carb .. 1.4 g fiber ( 2 servings )

Dinner) 1 can No Salt green beans - 14 g carbs .. 7 g fiber ( 3.5 servings )

That comes out to 10 servings , which is double the suggested amount. 53 grams of carbs, with 12.9 coming from fiber.. add in my 4 XL eggs ( my only OTHER carbs ), and I come to 56.2 g carbs - 12.9 fiber. That works out to 43.3 Net Carbs.

Here are a few OTHER options that you might eat ( note the large quantities ).

1) Raspberries ( 2 cups ) 28.5 g carb - 16.7 g fiber = 11.8 Net Carbs
2 ) Blackberries ( 2 cups ) 36.8 g carb - 15.2 g fiber = 21.3 Net Carbs
3 ) Strawberries ( 2 cups ) 21.4 g carb - 7 g fiber = 14.4 Net Carbs
4 ) plums ( 2 ) 15.1 g carb - 1.8 g fiber = 13.1 Net Carbs
5 ) romaine ( 3 cups ) 4.0 g carb - 2.9 g fiber = 1.1 Net Carbs
6 canned spinach ( 3 cups ) 21.8 g carbs - 15.4 g fiber = 6.4 Net Carbs

What amuses me is that once you remove all the bread, cereal, pasta, and sweets etc., you will STRUGGLE to eat 50 Net Carbs. If I choose to eat 3 of these ( 1/5/6 ) I get 54 g carbs, and 35 g fiber for a net carb amount of 19 g of carbs. That's after eating 8 cups of fruits and veggies. I need at least double that, so I would need to eat foods with more net carbs, since I probably won't eat 16 cups of fruits & veggies.

It is possible to be unable to eat 50 Net Carbs a day, if you eat the right food. I think this is often overlooked when people talk about low carb. We aren't against carbs, and can eat MORE vegetables than almost any other diet. We just have a problem, with CERTAIN carbs. Carbs are good for you, as long as you eat the right ones.

We always talk about cavemen, and what they would have eaten, since they needed to survive for thousands of years to make it until they could get to the point where they ate grains. Think about the fruits and veggies they would have eaten. Even if they ate corn and sweet potatoes. 3 ears of corn, and 2 sweet potatoes, would be 98.6 g carbs - 14.8 g fiber = 83.8 g Net Carbs.

So even on a day when they discovered a sweet potato patch, a corn field, and a bunch of raspberries, and sat down and ate 2 cups of raspberries, 3 ears of corn, and 2 sweet potatoes, as well as 2-3 lbs of meat they had killed, they passed out with a distended stomach as we do on Thanksgiving, after consuming a grand total of 127.1 g of carbs - 31.5 g fiber , or 95.6 g Net Carbs. It would most likely be the highest carb day of his life.

This of course changed 10,000 years ago, or so, with the onset of farming, and grains for bread etc., but we survived just fine for thousands of years, and most of our days would not have found us with corn, sweet potatoes, and raspberries all at the same time.

Let's go with the idea that prehistoric man needed 250-300 g of carbs as we do today. Without Pop Tarts, and Hot Pockets, or cereal, and pasta, potatoes, and corn were most likely there highest carbs foods. Let's also assume that they found plenty of these every single day of their lives. To make sure they got their 250-300 grams a day, they would need to double 127 g menu. They stick to the meat, but double the corn, berries, and potato. Now they need to eat 4 cups of berries, 6 ears of corn, and 4 sweet potatoes. Does that sound like something you would do every single day?

In theory, with their increased activity/exercise, they might have needed more, but I think our caveman is too full to eat more. In fact, I doubt they could have eaten the 127 grams a day, on a regular basis. After farming began, sure, but not for most of human history, and surely not every day. It is more likely that there were days they had ZERO carbs, than days they ate 200.

So how do we do it? Think about where we get our carbs. How do we get over 200 grams a day? With fruits and veggies? Look at your menu, and see where the majority of your carbs are from. If you can eat 250 grams of carbs from fruits and vegetables.. awesome, but highly unlikely.

Whether you believe in a Creator, or just nature, stop and ask yourself, has everything been provided for us? Do we have anything essential to our survival, which has not been made readily available? The answer is no. The human species would have disappeared thousands of years ago, if we had to figure things out by trial and error. How long till cavemen found potatoes, or even berries? Why didn't they die from lack of nutrients, or carbs? Milk? Dairy? How many animals did they kill and eat, before starting to milk them? If these foods are essential, how did we make it so long, without them?

Maybe you disagree with low carb, and I welcome anyone who wants to explain how a caveman could have eaten 50 % carbs before framing/grains etc. were part of our diet. I think that would be an interesting discussion. We accept the idea that 250 g ( in a 2000 calorie diet ), is required, but it defies logic. Even the food we eat that cavemen would have eaten, has changed. We eat sweet corn, not maize for example, and the ears are huge, because over the years, we have bred the corn to be sweet, and provide a bigger yield per ear.

Isn't it entirely more likely that our species thrived on a Paleo type diet, with their carbs coming from fruits and vegetables , and most likely less than 100 grams a day of carbohydrate, and the bulk of their food coming from protein, and fat, mostly meat? Simply because 1 ) they would have had time finding these fruits and vegetables that they DID eat, on a daily basis, and 2 ) Eating these types of fruits and veggies, they would have not been able to consume 250 grams of carbohydrates, even while gorging themselves.

Anyways, that is how I get 10 servings today, and some thoughts on how one would get to 250 grams a day, with caveman food, which is what we ate for most of our history.

I know most people who get my blog will agree completely, or in part with my thoughts, but I am asking for people to stop and think about this for real. I want you to try to prove that a caveman could have eaten 250 grams a day, but with details. Suggest a food, and how many carbs and serving size that could have helped a caveman get to 250 grams, or if you have the time, make a daily menu. If eggs wouldn't have been part of their daily diet, any more than milk, omit them. I am asking for you to argue the opposite of low carb, and explain how a caveman could possibly eaten the way we " know " is healthy today. Then when we have a plan to show how he could have eaten 250 grams, we can discuss whether it is plausible.

I will probably put up a thread in the Living Low Carb room, and maybe in the Diet & Nutrition board also. I think it would be fun to explore this.

Have a great day.
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LAVHUGSNY 7/16/2014 7:35AM

    Russell, thanks so much about the info of low carbs. I have reached my goal weight but am eating too many carbs (good ones ) but find I am putting on weight . Can't do anything strenuos as I am 80 and have congestive heart along with other heart problems. Low sodium is my main factor and now would like to lower my cards.
thanks Russ,

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JAZZID 7/10/2014 4:17PM

    Wow, thanks Russell! emoticon

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ALISHAB3 7/2/2014 11:40AM

    I think it makes more sense that we would have eaten berries as we can find them, salmon fish as we could get them, and any other game animals that we can catch. We would've had a few nuts as they were in season. But for the most part we tended to avoid those kinds of foods. We did eat wild greens and herbs. We would've needed that for the vitamin C.

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AKHEIDI 6/16/2014 5:53PM

    I totally agree-

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EDDYMEESE 6/13/2014 11:24PM

    Of course, I agree 100%! Loved this blog.

Any time someone tried to convince me that the brown rice is ok as is the "whole grain" bread...I just nod and eat my nuts and dried fruit while they go running to the minimart because they are DYING for a coke/chocolate/chips/donut/etc.

Paleo/Primal feels so freaking good.

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EXOTEC 6/13/2014 10:36PM

    And there's the point that tubers tend to be very irritating to the digestive tract in the form that any "caveman" might have encountered. I can't see eating many raw potatoes... even the little gnarly ones that "we" might have encountered centuries in our past. So that reduces the carbs even more. The whole idea of "essential carbs" and how we're oriented in our recommended diets these days is beyond my comprehension. Good blog. Thanks!

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WOUBBIE 6/13/2014 10:09PM

    "Carbs are good for you, as long as you eat the right ones."

Yeah buddy.

My niece posted a comment to me saying that she "hates" low carb, and it's all I can do to keep from snarkily responding "Then you're doing it wrong." She loves TONS of low carb food, she's just also addicted to wheat and doesn't want to give it up. As you rightly pointed out, you can eat a bunch of veggies, as long as you stay away from the few troublemakers.

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ICECUB 6/13/2014 8:19PM


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1CRAZYDOG 6/13/2014 1:43PM

    Thanks you for this information!

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RUSSELL_40 6/13/2014 11:57AM

    Started a thread on Living Low Carb. Name first, then designing a diet for my high carb caveman with help from other members. I think it could be fun, and informative,

Comment edited on: 6/13/2014 12:31:45 PM

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LITHGIRL 6/13/2014 11:45AM

    Not only would they probably have to travel near and far to find food, over rugged terrain. but I would think they may go a day or two without eating at all...Hmmmm.... intermittent fasting perhaps? emoticon

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HAWKTHREE 6/13/2014 11:25AM

    I'd guess fruit wouldn't be a big part given its seasonality. Tuber roots likely.

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