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The road to competition.. Life update and body stats

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So seeing as how I have finally decided to start tracking my food again (better late than never, right?), it only seems reasonable that I also utilize the blogs to track progress.

Step one: Create an environment that will breed my success. CHECK! emoticon
June 1st was a big day for me. I moved into my first apartment by myself. I went from living with my dad, then my fiance, to a roommate. I have ALWAYS wanted to live alone, and I'm so excited that I finally do, for more than one reason. The biggest point right now.. Nutrition. My dad was a junk food junkie. Although he did point out many times that I needed to lose weight and get in control of my eating, I did not have the skills or willpower to really do it in his house until I was already at rock bottom (AKA: almost 300lbs as I was starting high school). I did not know how to cook, at all. He, my brother and I were hardly ever home at the same time, so dinner was left up to us individually. Not knowing how to cook always lead me to the same frozen foods and the same crap in the cupboards (there were many a night of brownie/cookie or bread/cheese dinners). More maturity and freedom in high school got me a bit of control, which lead to my 100lb loss over those four years. Then stall and stay there. Next, I move in with my fiance - a textbook ectomorph trying vehemently to gain weight. This was not an easy situation to live in when I was trying to get control over my weight. I managed for a while, even getting down to 168. However, watching him eat everything under the sun while trying desperately to be satisfied with my regular portions took a toll on me. After I lost my dad, my resolve cracked. I gained the weight back and got stuck there. After splitting up last year, this lead me to my last residence. My roommate, who was also a trainer, had a boyfriend that brought out her bad habits when it came to eating. This in turn kind of encouraged my own. Granted, it was not nearly to the extent of her's because I was not the one dating him, but in the last year or so I've gone back up to 200lbs and am none too pleased about the matter. Finally, I am now in my apartment. I have my own space that will never be filled with anything I do not bring in myself, nor have anyone's outside influence, so I have no excuses.

Step two: Obtain the outside assistance I so desperately needed. CHECK! emoticon
Recently, I bit the financial bullet and hired a coach. I know (better than most, considering my career) that I need the help, and I have finally put my money where it needs to be. This mostly comes down to my nutrition, as the working out part I take to with great gusto. I have seen the transformation of another trainer at Derek's gym in less than two months, and it's been mindblowing. Coming from his recommendation, I talked with his coach and decided to hire him myself for the entirety of the time leading up to my competition. It is expensive, it is VERY hard work, but it is completely necessary and worth the cost. He is also the reason I am back to tracking, because it needs to happen. However, I have been following his instructions and workouts for only a week, and I have already gotten comments from coworkers that they can see changes on me.

Step three: Track, track, TRACK. emoticon
My reason for blogging again. I've never been a good blogger. I don't regularly have things I feel the need to share, and feel as though I either write way too much or not enough to make it worth it. But this is something that I have always wanted to do, and if chronicling my journey will help not only me, but my current/future clients, then it is something that I would be a fool not to do.

So, without further ado, stats! As of June 1st (my program with my coach was started on June 4th)
Weight: 204lbs
BF%: 23%
Shoulders: 46"
Chest: 40.5"
Arm: 14"
Natural waist: 34"
Belly: 38.5"
Hips: 44.5"
Thigh: 26"
Calf: 18.5"

When I find my normal measuring tape wherever it may be packed, there may be some discrepancy with these measurements, but they're still a good starting point.

Pictures will be coming, whenever I am at home and have them available.
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