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Thursday's Thought

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today was the first day of working again with dreaded co-worker.. her nose is longer than Pinnochio's and today she was in full swing, pumping two newer employees for info.

When I did not act surprised to see her, she started in on all of the things She has been doing since last September. I just politely nodded my head and smiled. I know she sees how we have honed things down to a science since she now only works one day a week on weekends. She kept making snarky remarks before she left, about how much fun I was going to have with the younger workers and not her, ..'She was clueless to know that I actually had a calendar that I marked off the days left to be near her.. MY job has been great since then, I even got two raises since she left last September!!

I had a busy, but very nice day,, leaving her to deal with the stress like the old days, while I want to my job within a job that I do alone for a couple hours.

A couple years ago I told her I had all of my pool equipment and chemicals for sale,dirt cheap.. her hubby said he wanted to "look" at my chemicals and his new co-worker needed a filter. I had it all and when he came, he tried to get me to almost give him the very expensive chemicals,insinuating that they wer e probably old. I had hundreds of dollars worth of chemicals in huge tubs, barrels and I just told him I could sell them the next day for the cheap price I was asking,, he decided that calling my bluff was not wise and bought all of them!! Dork. I only bought top of the line 99.98% chlorine tabs, other stuff from a dealer.
I also tried to get him to buy the pump because his wife told me that theirs was not very good, very old, but he told me that my $25 price was too high.. A $200 pump that always spent its' winters next to my furnace.

Now these two need a pump, theirs is leaking like a sieve.. I think the price just went up to $35. Overhead... over HIS head I am sure.. emoticon emoticon

I actually have it at dad's house for the garage sale..

This guy thinks the world is his and the rest of us just spin around him.. DORK.

okay, that was enough of my nasty Linda.. shame on me, but sometimes youjust gotta do those things.. he will be funding my savings account...
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