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Hawaii Trip Part Two - Hilo

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So this part of the trip wasn't the best for us. While it was great to see my MIL (I love her dearly!), all the family strife with hubby's sista wasn't a goof thing. We had made plans to go to Kona and the City of Refugee, but then got stuck in Hilo. We knew going over that we were going to fix some things at my MIL house, hubby's brother had done some "fixing" up..and we had to redo almost all of that. Plus he manged to cut all but two strands of the house's main power feed. Hubby fixed the kitchen drain, the bathroom sinks, various light fixtures (changed them to LED), the already mentioned power wire, and we paid to have a new plate glass window installed in the dining room (the one in there now is cracked all the way across from earthquake damage many yrs ago). Plus we added a ceiling fan in one bedroom and new LED light blubs where we could. A lot of work and money but we did it for mom. emoticon

Sprint sucked there. We had no connection at all on our phones (even when in roaming!). Mom's house is all made of BIG rocks cemented to together. Nothing gets though those walls! So every morning we'd run into Hilo (mom lives outside of Hilo) to Starbucks..get our coffee and connect back to the world at large. emoticon

Hubby and sista stopped talking the last few days. When my FIL passed in 2008, my SIL somehow manged to have Mom sign over 5 acres to her, taking it out of mom's trust. Mom found out a few yrs ago and they have been fighting about it since. Hubby demanded that his sista put it back in the trust, where it should be. She refused. She says if she does that she'll end up with nothing when Mom passes. That the brothers will push her out of the only home she knows and sale all the land. But that's not true...everything gets split 4 ways (between the 4 kids). We ended up in the lawyers office the day before we left, he couldn't do anything. I suggested that the trust be amended to let sista stay in the house on on the one lot the house is on until she passes..then it can be sold. She said NO..what about her "gangs"? Her "gang" is all the wild birds, feral cats, and feral pigs she feeds three times a day. My question to her is..what part of "FERAL" don't you get? These aren't tamed pets we're talking about here! Then it came out she really was thinking about selling the land and moving into town when mom passes. Hubby was fit to be tied! emoticon

And poor mom set there. She's slipping down hill...she's can't remember stuff, calls hubby by his brother's name, and can't hear well. She finally explode at everyone and just said enough. But sista made it a point to claim mom has dementia to the lawyer a few times. At this point I just don't know what to do. emoticon

Hubby and I also have concerns about how she's caring for mom. She leaves her alone a lot. Sista works only 3 days a week, but the other days she runs off to town to do "errands". The house is a mess..if you've ever seen the TV show Hoarders...that's what mom's house is like..paths to each room. I talked to sista about it and she blamed mom...but SHE was the one that came unglued if anything in the house was moved, changed, thrown away. Not mom, who helped me get rid of some old ratty boxes while sista wasn't home. And she's feeding mom all this processed frozen food (like the family size TV dinners). Or feeding her leftovers...leftovers that were anywhere from a day ole to a week old (that had been kept in the fridge..but not frozen). Hubby and I stopped eating the leftovers and brought dinner into the house as mush as we could..we got slightly sick one day after eating the same Chinese food for the fourth day. emoticon

We told both mom and sista..we WILL bring mom to live with us if we need to. We will for sure if sista passes before mom. But that's doubtful..mom is 91 yrs old! I'm going to make it a point to call mom a few times a week, just to check up on her.

Hubby and his mom:

OK..some random images for around Hilo.

Goats on the road in Hilo

The many Loco Moco options at hubby's fave place, Cafe 100

Spear/Scuba fishermen

A nice little inlet/beach off the beaten track

I'll post random shots though out the week. emoticon

We got all the boxes we shipped home..even the one that went to OH then MI before coming back to Vegas..that one had hubby's coffee cups that he was going to give to his co-workers. All the coffee cups were broken! Now to deal with the post office! emoticon

Eating was good yesterday and so far today. I did 50 mins in the gym yesterday and 55 mins today. I'm feeling good (except for some minor shoulder pain in my right shoulder). I have no idea on what's for dinner tonight..we have to go vote when I get home from work. emoticon

So that's it for me! See you all tomorrow!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Boy! You weren't kiddin' about the house, were you! So where do Chuck's brother's stand in all this mess with the sister? Did they go to the lawyer with you guys? Sounds like C worked his tail off while he was there. Didn't end up being much of a getaway for you two, did it... Maybe you ought to try the other coast? Congrats for getting back in the swing of things. Hugs, Calen~
    1348 days ago
    It's nice that you have a good relation with your MIL. And regarding Sista - there's always at least ONE in every family! Enjoy your time in Hawaii and don't let the nasty folks get you down!
    1348 days ago
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