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I Am In Love With Myself

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

and with a lot of other people, really. Tommy Shaw, for one. He is so hot. For reals.

But especially with myself. Today, within a span of 20 minutes, I had--no kidding!--five jobs fall into my lap, or my inbox, as it were. The first was from a guy I emailed just to say hi 9 months ago when I was deliriously happy here, telling me that they have an opening, and to please let him know if I'm interested, he'll email me when it posts. Then, the other four were from a friend who told me a mutual friend is hiring, and here are the positions.

Being "folksy" and "down home" isn't such a bad thing, as it happens. People remember you when you're nice to them.

I won't be applying for any of these, because the locations aren't right. But I am seriously overcome by how awesome I am that this happened to me. My friend also says it's a "sign," and "I told you so."

And I am completely smitten with Awesome Me. Tommy is super-hot, like, really super-hot. But I'm competent and intelligent and friendly and likable. Darn it, I'm even lovable sometimes. =)

I don't need to be thin or well-dressed or good at the guitar (though I sure am glad Tommy is). I can just be me, and that's not just enough. It's more than enough.

I didn't expect this when I started my month of Body Image Boot Camp. I certainly didn't expect anything resembling it so soon. I also would have expected it to come directly from what I've been reading, not as an extension of it, but I'm really happy it did.

Which emoticon looks most like "blissed out"?

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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