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To the bullies and the bullied.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To all you who abuse your position of power because you see it as your right. To all you who fire insults at people who have taken a position of help because they don’t do it fast enough or well enough or in a manner that you specifically find pleasing. To all you parents who think teachers should raise their children and then blame them for your failings. To all you who continue to abuse your bodies and blame advertising companies for tempting you or the medical profession for not being able to fix you and to you who pick on the weaker, the smaller, who pick on anyone at all just because it gives you some vague resemblance of control in your life. To all you who whinge about everything in life and bring nothing to it except misery. Thank you.

You make the rest of us better people. You make us stronger people. It’s true, your words do hurt, they hurt a lot. So, congratulations you succeeded in your aim. Now I, and the others who have had to endure you, will succeed in ours. I refuse to turn into the little person you so desperately want me to become. Every battle you think you have won I am turning into something more. More than you, which such limited imagination that tired insults are the only creativity you express, could ever dream of. Every emotion is something I can feed off, learn from and become better because of. When was the last time you tried to become better? Do you even want to?

Hide behind your anonymity while you can. It won’t last. Other people see it, even if you, at times, manage not to. You may disguise it was a pretty avatar, a fake name or just an extra friendly smile. You may try counter balancing with overly ostentatious gestures, you may think that as it’s online it, ‘doesn’t really count.’

But it counts. It all counts. I don’t know when, or where or how. But it will all count.
And even if I’m wrong, if there is nothing more than this, I will make it my mission to cancel out every negative, detrimental act that you have done to me and to others around the world. I will make it my mission to cause random smiles. I want perform acts that cause the rejuvenation of faith in the human race not destroy it. I want to be a good person and the harder you try and fight me on this the better I’m going to be.
I thought I should let you know this.
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    1202 days ago
    Well said! I was bullied all through school, and it was bad enough in the days before the internet. I cannot imagine how I would handle it if I had to be a teenager now in that same situation.

    The adults that bully other adults through the internet are just as bad.
    1203 days ago
    I find that the ones who harm others, are the ones that need your smiles and Positiveness the most. The unloved need show how to love themselves. The biggest lesson is that we can't help the ones who will not help themselves. They have to learn the hard way, and on their own. This is only true for me and the people I work with daily, everyone has their own battles, we have to learn that they are not always battling you, but themselves, a reflection of themself, and we should not take it personally. Best wish for all!
    1203 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2014 1:12:20 PM
    Well said! The line about teachers struck a chord with me because I teach middle school language arts.
    1203 days ago
    Excellent blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    1203 days ago
    Be strong, let's show everyone what we can be!
    1203 days ago
    1203 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    1203 days ago
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