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Drift off with some electronic beats, they said

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ok, sure, I'll try anything once. Just fire up spotify to listen to something before going to sleep. Wasn't sure hat that something was, might have been a night to see what the people I follow via that app are into recently, and go with one of their choices. And when it loads, I see a banner across the middle saying, "Drift off with some electronic beats." While I don't exactly associate beats with sleep, I did just scribble out a blog yesterday saying I need to work on the sleep thing, so why not give it a shot? Well, so far, it's 15 minutes in, and I'm listening to some relaxing piano stuff, and even liking what I'm hearing. But I'm not exactly close to sleep. And I don't want to complain, not after having just said sleep and beats don't mix, but there are no beats in this music. Nor beets, which would at least deliver a serving of veggies with it.

Will have to see if I can sneak off to visit the cell sometime this week, what with the Tigers in town. Might take the train, since driving will be a 2 hour ordeal to get there, and then 20 bucks for parking. $10 (or less) for an hour trip (both ways, so it'd cost me 20-30 minutes on the way back, after saving an hour and possible road rage going there) sounds like a doable bargain. But the forecast promises rain. See if it behaves long enough to see some baseball (the cell = US Cellular Field in Chicago, the home of the White Sox, if you were not aware. I don't know any prisoners in this part of the country, not that I'm aware of).

Eschewing exercise for an attempt at early enough sleep tonight, see if that works or backfire.I Should have had an extra hour, maybe even two this evening, but some unknown delay kept my plane at the gate for over an hour after boarding. I slept, but very fitfully, and woke up before the plane left the ground. And then slept badly while the plane was in the air. And then I'm not particularly tired now. But the music (this is certainly not just piano any more, but still no beats to be heard - i want my money back! (I'm using the free version of spotify)) actually is somewhat soporific. Score one for advertising, I guess.
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