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The Adventures of Mouse & Owl

Sunday, June 08, 2014

I feel like my son has crossed a Rubicon of sorts. Boy is now 7 years old and got a new bike for his birthday (December) and we have been using it off and on all winter long. Yesterday we went for a bike ride along a local rail trail. We set a goal of going from our starting point to the next town, what we estimate from the map as 4 miles (I dont tell Child that)

Along the way, he decides we need new names during the bike rides: He will be Mouse and I will be Owl. Some cyclists measure distance, some measure speed. My kid we could measure the trip in words per mile - he talked the WHOLE way. No, none of it was great wisdom but just the happy babble of a happy kid on a BEAUTIFUL spring day.

He makes it the whole way to the ice cream stand WITHOUT STOPPING and chooses a cherry Italian ice (I choose a lemon Italian ice). We sit and rest on the bench for 30 minutes and eat our snack. The ride back is substantially slower and more difficult. I actually think he needed a more substantial snack or lunch...I think the gas tank was just empty.

But the Rubicon - Previously, he didnt want to go more than 2 miles which was really limiting for us and unsatisfying for me. Of course I could go farther than the 10 miles we actually did (Yes! 10 miles! 7 years old!). As the Adult, of course I have to moderate what I want from my exercise time to be reasonable to little legs. But for the first time, I dont feel like I am making an sacrifice, and the time together is more enjoyable.

Life just gets better and better. We are going to be doing this again and again. I'm looking forward to this summer having more adventures as Mouse and Owl.

Be well friends!
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