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Foam Fest 2014 – Race report with pictures.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I was really worried about this race. As most of you know I really hurt my ankle on Monday. Nothing overly serious but it’s had a great purple hue and was swollen Tuesday and Wednesday. I have not been running, taking long walks or much of anything all week to rest it.

My anxiety got the better of me and I woke hubby at 4:30 this am saying we had to get up and get ready. I wasn’t certain if my ankle would hold but I wasn’t missing Foam Fest. This is now the second time I have done this particular race and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love this race. Ok, back to the report.

So we were up at 4:30, out the door by 5, had a quick breakfast and on the road by 6. All this for a 9 am start! Lucky they don’t really care about start times because we had made it to the venue by 7:15. I ended up running the 8:10 wave.

The course here is always tough. It is held at an ATV park – so lots of hills, ravines, water, etc. Add the 16 other obstacles they add – you get the idea. But the run is all about having fun, only the 8 am wave is “competitive” ie timed. Otherwise, it is all about having fun. That is exactly what I wanted/needed.

There was one point that was really great. We were entering the lake of mud, about a 15-20 foot long, 1-2 feet of water over about another 2 feet of MUD! I was in up to my butt in mud at one point. Not an easy obstacle to cross. I was fighting my way through, when I saw a young girl (14ish). She was “not small” and having the most difficult time. She looked ready to cry.

I got on one side of her, and another woman (my age) got on the other. We started cheering her on as we all slopped through the mud. By the time we got to the other end we were laughing and hanging on each other. There was no way she could step out (I could barely climb out) but two young guys saw what was going on and they had come back to help her out of the mud. She was beaming with pride when I left her. It was really great. Not all that long ago that would have been ME had I had the guts to even try something like Foam Fest! That girl had GUTS, she just need to be reminded of it.

Hubby did get pictures of me on one of the wall obstacles (no one will ever see the one coming over the top - EVER):

By the finish, I couldn't move in the shirt so I ditched it. I don't know WHY I'm sharing this but this picture is for you, my spark buddies. May I present 150 lbs of Kitty:

I ended up finishing in 54 minutes. Not bad at all for being as out of shape as I am. I’m pretty proud.

I’m really tired and sore. I’ve got icy/hot on my foot and hip. I never got a good rhythm due to my foot. It really messed with my bad hip and knees. That’s ok. I’ll be fine tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great day.
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