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I need a Brain Check-up

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Not really -- it's nothing a medical doctor can advise me on. Instead I'm turning to my friends on SparkPeople to help me out, like you always do.

emoticon I have been on here way too often talking about the summer house and how the progress was not fast enough. Of course it isn't, it never is!

emoticon I have put most of you to sleep reading about it, but trying to give me your support even if you were bored!

emoticon I have said over and over how excited I will be to see "paint day" arrive and I would be doing the emoticon (that's Happy Dance)

Now that happy? day is right around the corner, and I'm like emoticon and I am disgusted with myself. I'm actually afraid I will fail myself over the week or so it takes to paint. Why? It's true my body is not in quite as good of a shape (arthritis) as it was when all this first started; but I know in my heart the painting is not really up to me. We have a professional painter who will be doing 99% of the work. Just to appease me, and let me think I am helping, he has agreed to let me paint closets or whatever I think I can handle. He's a sweetheart.

So can anyone tell me why I went on this eating binge and gained 1.4 pounds last night? Can anyone tell me why I suddenly feel apprehension instead of joy now that the painting stage is just around the corner?

I know as humans we are complicated, strange things -- but for me, this is the strangest of all. And totally unexpected.
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    that little gain is nothing your stressed out about the house and making sure it is all going to get done you will be back down and lower after everything is painted and moved in then that scale better look out - your doing fine keep up the good work
    1349 days ago
    You're ok, Eve. I'm like that (way too often, I'm afraid)! But my problem is that I am just plain lazy. I used to tell folks that "I just love work. I can stand and look at it for hours!" hehe I think you were just so ready to do this a couple of months ago and now that it's finally nearly time, you're get up and go has got up and went! Maybe once you get started, the excitement will return!! I'll just betcha!
    Keep a good thought and have a super, marvelous Monday! (((HUGS)))
    1356 days ago
    I can't really add anything to what the others have said except to say I am looking forward to your house being finished, too. It's been great vicarious fun and interesting.

    1357 days ago
    emoticon You havent put me to sleep
    1357 days ago
    1357 days ago
  • DALID414
    Fear, it's odd that way. You're only human Eve.
    1357 days ago
    I can eat like that when I feel relieved that something is finally going to happen. I can eat like that for any emotion whether happy or sad, I "gained" 5 lbs while away for 4 days, but only one occasion (in the airport and flight back) I ate stuff not planned. I was relieved the trip was coming to an end, I was celebrating, but it was a last hurrah before coming back and clamping down on eating. The weight has been coming back off relatively quickly, and was not fat pounds. You would've had to eat nearly 5000 extra calories for that to have been fat gain. But I'm sure you knew that already after all the time you've been with SP. Numbers on the scale can be very disturbing!
    1357 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Can't speak about you, but I know I sometimes have the same reaction. Fear that the anticipated event won't live up to the hype, fear that I will fail or not like the results...
    1357 days ago
    the 1.4 lbs is from sodium, I think. drinking lots of water will help with that. I enjoy your blogs. I think sometimes when you wait a long time for an event..etc.. when the time is here the excitement is gone. it will come back when everything is finished.
    1358 days ago
    Major panic attack! It happens!
    you know...for you I think it's a so close yet so far mentality. As in "REALLY..can we be that close? Can't be! OMG!!!!!!! what'll I do!"
    You'll do it....even if it's just the closets. And I've seen a picture or two of your home decorating skills. They are awesome! The colors you pick will be fab. It'll all get done and it will be amazing.
    So what! ya pigged out last night. I hardly think it was 1.4 lbs of added weight from that one pig out. And I think it was you who told me once that scales are stupid fickle machines. LOL it's probably just some water. Like your other SP friend said, drink some water and relax. Weight gone! Tho I hear ya how those numbers can make ya a bit crazy.
    Go "climb some more mountains" LOL or take that walk in the AM with your puppy friend and it'll all be good.
    Who really knows why we do things sometimes. You'll turn it around. Of this I'm sure. I can't wait to see the results of this paint job!

    Smile...and be happy! I'd say have a glass of wine to chill but that'll just add to the water retention. So wait on that until you can have some celebratory champagne when the job is DONE!

    Your friend,

    1358 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    1358 days ago
  • LINDA7668
    As we reach our goals, I think that we all feel a lot of mixed emotions. Of course, we are happy to be so close to reaching what ever goal. But, I think there is a little bit of fear there too. In your case, what if you don't like how it turns out? What will you do with your time now that this project will be complete? Generally, it's the fear of the next unknown. And, many of us deal with that using food.
    Don't beat yourself up over this binge. See it for what it is- a bump in the road and move on. You can do this! Best of luck to you!
    1358 days ago
    You didn't gain 1.4 lbs last night. You may have eaten too much sodium, that's all.
    I'm sure you'll relose it once you drink enough water to flush out your body.
    I'm sure you'll do fine with the painting once you start. emoticon
    1358 days ago
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