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Shelter In The Storm

Saturday, May 31, 2014

So something very awesome happened on Monday of this week, May 26 2014. That morning my husband & I were sitting out in our front yard to do our daily Bible reading. My husbands head was hurting a little so he asked me to read and set his Bible on the ground beside him, next to his chair to the left, I was to his right. We got done reading and went inside and went about our day.

That day we had 2 short (15 min) but very hard rain storms. After the 2nd rain storm, about 5:00pm I thought I would check the rain gauge to see how much rain we had received. I was trying to figure out which shoes to wear, my yard shoes or flip flops. My yard shoes were in the garage, closest to the back door to go & check the rain gauge. My flips flops are by the front door. But I felt like I should just put on my flip flops and go out the front door and around the house to the back, which I did. I checked the gauge and those 2 storms gave us 1/2 inch of rain!

Coming back around the house, i walked by the chairs where we had sat earlier to read our Bibles and there was Michael's Bible on the ground! I said "Oh No!" It's cover was wet and I was just sure the whole thing had been soaked through. The Bible is about 35 years old, hardbound and the pages are protruding from the edge of the Bible all around since the binding is worn and old. When I picked it up and looked, the only thing that was wet was the front & back cover and the bookmark sticking out of the top! Not one page was wet, not one chapter marker was wet!!!! What is even more amazing is where he set it, it was about 18 inches from our downspout with the protruding pages facing the splashing downspout! As soon as I realized all of this I heard clearly "I will shelter you from the storms"!!! My heart leapt for joy & I was praising Him for the beautiful reminder!!

What's even more amazing if I had gone to the garage and put on my yard shoes and gone out the back door to check the rain gauge, I wouldn't have even seen the Bible. At the time when I was going back & forth about which shoes to put on, I was thinking, why is this such a struggle to figure out which shoes to put on & which way to go?

Our God is good, He will do things we don't understand to get something across to us. Praising Him with my whole heart!
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