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Today I am striving to make the effort to reach my goals!

Friday, May 30, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling great and almost my first thought was, This Is The Day! I almost did a Snoopy dance, I was so happy. Did I make my ultimate goal today, not yet, that's going to take awhile yet, but one thing I am doing to reach my goal is to do the daily food tracker. I have, until now, hated that thing, I could give you a book of excuses not to use it.

Today, I woke up with the attitude of doing the food tracker if I didn't do anything else. Since I am an extremist and always have been, I decided to put my all into it. I'm making a game of it, in that I mean, every thing I eat is with the idea of being HEALTHY, cuz I don't want any unhealthy thing on that tracker.

I blew my breakfast - my worst meal of the day, but I ate it! I did not make a HEALTHY decision before I mindlessly ate it, so I accounted for it and went for a walk that took a shove from God to get me out there. But I did my 20 minute mile with the joy that it wasn't so hot yet that I couldn't breath and there was a light breeze that cooled me off a little. I felt like I walked a lot faster and as I neared the end, I was glad to see my house again. I literally counted the houses between where I was and where I was going. I made it.

I have been examining my actions and I need more exercise so I plan on doing some more (inside) Qi Dong (Spelling is probably wrong) but I've got the video on my computer and I will get it done. Then I'm going to do some more exercise after lunch and again after dinner. I've planned my meals for today and tomorrow and have planned my dinners for next week and I'm working on the rest of the meals and snacks for next week. It feels wonderful to have it all planned out, including the shopping trip to get the fresh veggies. I can now go on a daily basis to get fresh veggies not that far from home and not that expensive at the local farm store.

I look forward to making each day a challenge to get me to my goals that will include, the food tracker and more exercise to make it all worth it.

I wish all of you a great day.
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