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Kind of Staying on Track on a Busy Trip and Fitbit??

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This picture sums up our trip - Grammy and Grampy trying to keep up with a one year old. It was great to see our newest baby granddaughter and get to play with the other one, but a lot of my diet routine went out the window. Two days of driving each way means two days of sitting and eating in restaurants. We ate out every meal when we were there. I managed to woggle a 5 K twice while I was there, though. That is something I wouldn't have done in my previous lifestyle. One big thing was that I didn't check in with SP every day and I didn't track anything. However, given all of this, I still kept uppermost in my mind that I had to make healthy choices in whatever situation I found myself. With all of that I returned home to find that I was exactly the same weight as when I left. I'm so glad. I'm also glad to be back so I can resume my routine. My laptop got smashed, though, so I've been slow at getting back to SP online. I decided to ditch the PC altogether and get an Apple iPad Air. I've never had an Apple product and so far I'm just loving this. I can't use my SPAT, though. I'm going to get a fit bit, I guess because that can wirelessly connect to the iPad and be synced to SP as far as I know. If anyone reads this and has a recommendation for what kind of fit bit, let me know. I don't want anything that I can't link to SP or that can't connect to iPad. It's funny that on my previous two trips to races I was able to still do SP and Spark Coach everyday, but once that toddler entered the picture- goodbye routine.
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    Way to go on maintaining! This means you have nailed it as far as lifestyle changes- keep up the good work. emoticon
    1231 days ago
    Hi! Keeping up with those grandkids can be a real workout!

    I use both the Spark Activity Tracker and the Fitbit One. I have great luck / results from both of them. I quit syncing the Fitbit to SP since I sync the SAT, and sure don't want to double count my calories burned. I find the SAT calories burned more accurate for me; but, Fitbit is pretty darn close to that. I like them both so that's why I keep using both. :)

    emoticon on doing the 5ks!
    1237 days ago
    Congrats on maintaining while you were out of your routine! That shows how much you have learned. Good going!! I do keep my grandkids and know the challenges of being surrounded with juice and frequent snacks, healthy and otherwise. With all the eating out you did, you may find that once you drink water and get the extra sodium out, you actually lost weight on your trip. If not, you did amazingly good on the sodium in restaurants.

    Again, thanks for being an awesome SparkFriend. So glad we are on this journey together!! -Marsha

    1238 days ago
    I'm not much for tech advice. If you can remember what you ate and your wiggling and other work-outs, you can punch them into Spark after the fact for completeness of records.

    Spark SHOULD have exercises to track called "play with infant grandchild", "play with 1-year-old grandchild," et cetera.

    Cute pic of grampy and grandkids!
    1239 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Good for you not gaining on your trip. I love my apple computer. You made good choices while taking care of that cute grandchild.
    1239 days ago
    emoticon Your good habits and Healthy Choices are paying off!! Congratulations on maintaining your Lifestyle and Weight while on vacation and traveling!! That is Fantastic!!
    emoticon My Laptop is in the Hospital AGAIN! I'm thinking I might need to look into getting an IPAD.
    1240 days ago
    Sounds like a wonderful visit! Grandkids are so much fun! I think you did great. If you were aiming for healthy of the choices available; that means no mindless eating. That's my mantra! Congratulations for enjoying the visit, family and activities and not gaining any weight. Well done! emoticon
    1240 days ago
    Grandkids can sure change ones life. Enjoy them to the max!!! Congratulations on not putting on any weight. That is so hard to do when eating out.
    1240 days ago
    I have an iPad mini and a fitbit One, which syncs through the iPad app via bluetooth. I can also recharge the battery on my fitbit One with the charger for my iPad ( rather than having to attach it to your computer).

    You can either get the Sparkpeople app for the iPad or connect via your browser as on a computer to the regular website. Both work. Your steps sync from fitbit to Sparkpeople and your food syncs from Sparkpeople to fitbit. Do join the Fitbit Users Unite team to learn more and to get friends to compete with and encourage further use.

    I credit my fitbit with giving me major motivation to move enough to lose weight. I've had mine for over a year and a half, and wouldn't trade it! Fitbit has excellent customer service, too, if you lose or break the fitbit or a component during the warranty period!

    I like that the one tells you how many flights of stairs you've climbed and can tell you how restless your sleep is if you wear it at night. It's an excellent device.

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight while traveling and eating out often! Hard to do. Well done!
    1240 days ago
    I have a fit bit zip and like it so much better than the SPAT. It syncs to my PC. also I can see how I am doing without waiting for a PC
    1240 days ago
    I have a Fitbit Flex, which I got because my daughter moved on to the Fitbit Force. (They aren't selling the Force any more.) It syncs to the Fitbit app on my iPhone, so it ought to work with an iPad as well.

    I like it a lot better than the SPAT I used to wear. I counts more exercise minutes, and comes closer to an accurate calorie burned reading than the SPAT did. (Still don't trust calorie burn numbers enough to eat to them; I watch the scale and adjust the range according to weight trends.)

    The feature I like best with the Flex is sleep monitoring. Yeah, it's really measuring movement rather than actual sleep; but what it measures is highly correlated to how well I sleep, so I don't care. It gives me a measure to judge whether I'm getting enough rest or, when I sleep an hour longer than usual, to tell me my body needs the rest for healing or to fight an illness.
    1240 days ago
  • THIN133
    So glad you had a nice visit with your family.thats great your weight stayed the same while you were away.you can't complain about that ! :D good luck with all of your new technology items. I can't help you with any of that. Sorry..
    1240 days ago
  • NHES220
    From looking at the fitbit site, it appears that the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One can be used with the iPad Air and do not need a computer to sync or set-up. But I would maybe send them a question to confirm that you do not need a computer. You can just plug the charger into a USB Wall charger - like the one for your iPad Air to charge it.
    1240 days ago
    Great job! I have a fitbit and love it. I connect to a PC though so I don't know how they work with iPad. my husband does have his connected to his galaxy phone. emoticon emoticon
    1240 days ago
    Sounds like you had a good time! And good for you for making good choices. it is hard to check in - I have had trips during several of the challenges, and I always think I will do more than I do. But your Ipad Air should be good for that! Keep that Spark burning!!!
    1240 days ago
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