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A new class

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I've known for weeks that I need to add something to my workout routine, but nothing has appealed. I decided that I just had to try something, anything, to get me going. There is a class on Tuesday nights called 'Active'. The vague description didn't put me off so I went along to try it out.

First, I had to get a step. Ick. I clearly wouldn't be using it for decline push ups but I decided to stop being a weights snob and do as I was told as get one. Then I had to get hand weights - 5 kilo ones. Yep. They were so light! I got 7kg ones too, since I thought I'd need something heavier.

The class started with 20 minutes of cardio. Step ups and knee things and butt kick things and jump things. Interesting, slightly challenging, but nothing outrageous. I did the advanced modifications and went faster than I was told to. I was really surprised that I hadn't lost much cardio fitness and that I found it fairly easy. I promise I was pushing myself! I will put the step up higher next time for more of a challenge.

Then there was 20 minutes of weights. The deadlifts were easy (I usually do 50kg and my dumbbells only added up to 15), but some of the other moves were challenging! I was surprised! There were a few moves that I don't usually do, and the ones I did were done more times than usual. It definitely burned by the end! I had trouble with the core moves (my back hurts when doing anything laying on the floor) and the tricep push ups on the step (my wrists hurt at that angle) but I'm sure I could modify the moves next time.

The class finished with 20 minutes of balancing and stretching. I don't include any balance work in my routine, and I'm a brief stretcher, so this part of the class was surprisingly enjoyable, and very beneficial.

All in all I didn't hate the class but I didn't love it either. It was a nice change, and I'll go back next week. I wasn't in love with the class, but I can see how it would benefit and complement the weights that I'm doing.
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