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My Second Monday Weigh In

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Well, today was my 2nd regular Monday weigh in...and I'm not thrilled with the results.

Last week started out GREAT. I got my first weigh in and then I was off and running. I was tracking my food, pushing myself during my workouts, drinking my water, and just generally doing my best to make each day as healthy as possible. I was being my own hero, one choice at a time.

And I could tell that I was making progress. I felt better, and was performing better at my workouts. It was great to be on track again.

Then on Saturday morning, depression came along. My friend Dot called to tell me that her home had sold, and she will be moving to California in less than 10 days.

I've known Dot for 20 years now, and although we are not really close friends, she is still a friend. And when I told hubby that she was moving, he said "Wow, all of your friends have moved away." Of course, I already KNEW that my friends were all gone, but until he actually put it into words, I hadn't really FELT it.

Twenty years ago when I first met Dot, I had a whole lot of friends. It seemed like there was always someone hanging out at my house, or going shopping with me, calling me on the phone, etc. But over the years, those friends have moved away and we lost touch. And as for the new people that moved in....well, none of them have really clicked with me for one reason or another.

So that just left me with one friend, Dot. We didn't hang out a lot, but once a month or so we'd go to lunch together, and we would borrow books from each other. And now, in less than 10 days, she's going to be gone. It really depressed me when I thought about it. And for me, when I'm depressed, I eat. So I binged. I'm so upset with myself for that. I successfully avoided a binge on Thursday night. But I didn't even try to avoid the binge this time. I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself, so I turned to food.

I'm back on track now, though. And I'm not depressed. Yes, I'm sad that Dot is moving away and I am losing the last of my friends. But really, I haven't lost all my friends. I know that I am blessed with the BEST friends of all...my Spark friends!

So after my weekend binge, I had to weigh myself today. I thought I'd be up about a pound, but I'm not. I'm actually DOWN .6 of a pound. I know I could have done better, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm just going to get back on track right now. Next weeks weigh in is going to be a lot better!

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