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I'm Celebrating 4 Years with Spark!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Four years ago, I stumbled onto SparkPeople.com and discovered a host of tools to help me become healthier and increase my fitness. New friends shared their stories with me and encouraged me along the way. Spark Trackers helped me set and record my goals. I wanted to build new habits so I decided that my basic strategy would be to focus on small daily steps. I’ve found that there is something about writing it down that helps me follow my plan.

I prefer to celebrate each day – especially the days that I do what I say I will do. I don’t want to have to wait to encourage myself until the numbers on the tape measure or the scale fit a pre-determined level. I want to enjoy the entire journey.

I have definitely worked the program one day and one step at a time. However, my progress has not been straight ahead with no setbacks. Lots of people believe that growth should look like this:

I’m glad they labeled this chart “Not Typical” --
Because MY progress looks a lot more like this:

Lots of turnings along the road, sometimes getting it wrong, several "out-of-left-field" setbacks and many discouragements.

One thing has become apparent during these 4 years of ups and downs --

I looked up what the word “persistence” actually means. Here’s how Mirriam-Webster defines it:
“the quality that allows someone to continue doing something
or trying to do something
even though it is difficult or opposed by other people”.

I find that incredibly encouraging because I am definitely want to keep on keeping on.

I am reminded of the ocean. Someone once said, “The power of the ocean is not in the waves, but in its persistence.”

I'm learning persistence. I'm not perfect, but what I am doing is better than what I used to do. It’s better than dieting for a quick fix or punishing my body with exercise that is contrary to my limitations. I'm asking for help and encouragement from Spark Friends who understand.

Building (and persisting in) healthy habits is worth doing because I am worthy of being the best I am able to be.

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