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3 Things: Acknowledging Sugar isn't a Good Idea, Salt Kiln, and 5K

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Right now I’m gearing up for a quick visit in Wisconsin with my parents, brothers and beloved Aunt and Uncle.

I’ve taken some time to eliminate a few foods (seven in fact) from my diet. Ever hear of the Virgin Diet? I’m not on it, but just testing out elimination tactics to determine if certain foods may be responsible for things I have taken as normal things. (morning headaches occasionally, belly aches, banging pulse, bloating. I have become so used to these things, and so stubborn to imagine that I should ever have to give up my beloved comfort food group SUGAR. I also am working hard at keeping a great balance of my carb, fat, protein levels. I know without a doubt that lower carbs (not NO carbs) helps me lose weight. I am getting my carbs from fruit, veggies and minimal grains. In challenging myself to keep my carbs down, I see I can’t afford to put sugar laden foods in my mouth.

Last night, after a couple of weeks without sugar, I was at our first salt kiln firing. It was a social event. The kiln is outdoors and it was a beautiful evening. The photographer present had brought a bakery box of salted caramel brownies to celebrate the event. (Salt kiln/ Salted caramel connection which i thought was clever) We were having unexpected issues with a blower ceasing to burn properly. The 12 of my pieces were in jeopardy of getting messed up. I responded with a o heck, why not have a piece. So I had one. A half hour later a friend tried one and said, there are still a lot left…go ahead and have another! Just that first taste had been enough to prime the pump, so I had another. In retrospect they weren’t all that good. To top it off, I woke up with a rip-roaring headache. Glad to have the knowledge that my morning headaches have an explanation, though I’ll have to check to see if chocolate is suspect at all. I had also had quite a bit of cocoa in some no sugar Almond butter/cocoa balls i made, only sweetened with a tiny bit of Monk Fruit sweetener. I’d eaten several in the mid-day. More than usual. I usually have one or two and never had a reaction. I also on my weeks of feeling really well had been having a tablespoon of cocoa in my morning coffee. No headaches from that. Maybe larger amounts of cocoa bothers me. Yet to be tested out…it’s all trial and error.

The good news is, I’m finally at a point in my life, taking cues from all my children who don’t consume sugar, That I am mindful of what effect foods have on my body. Getting over that stubbornness that kept me from entertaining the thought that sugar was all that evil. I’ll be really tested on my trip to my folks’, but it is 5 days and I have already a plan to stop at the store to get my healthy options before arriving at their house. Already told my dad I’m not doing sugar so he knows I won’t do my usual baking. I only have to make sure mom doesn’t bake to win my love and attention like she did last time.

Photos of salt kiln getting loaded. My large vase is in the bottom right.

This shows the heat in the kiln. It's at 2000degrees F. here
I’m still spending lots of time on my pottery. Enjoying the present, not worried about whether I’ll be in the next class. My zeal is speaking for itself, and I am confident that we will find a way for me to continue working through the summer.

Photo of Abi and me Untitled




Abi, my 9-year-old grandchild and I ran and walked the 5K last Saturday at App State, in Asheville, NC. All the girls in this Girls on the Run club got a tag with the # 1. And all get medals at the finish line. It is non-competitive and not timed. It is all to help the girls learn that exercise is fun. Great program.

Mountain schools have hilly walking trails! This was a challenging walk/run. I do not run. I ONLY run when I’m with grandkids. I don’t want to let them think of me as an old woman. I ran at first, the track was nice and cushy. Then we went uphill off the track and on to the path we had to follow three times around. Uphill, I never ran, down hilll, many times I ran. On the last lap I’d noticed a twinge in my back and didn’t want to push my luck since my back is the thing that keeps me from running, so I told Abi that since this is all about taking care of our bodies, the thing I needed to do now was take care of my back and only walk. No more running. She was protective of me from then on. Once I said lets run this one, and she said no, lets not, you need to take care of your back. I made an exception to run through the finish line. After all the track is cushy.

Hubby and my daughter and Abi’s brother sat on the side of the trail at the bottom of one of the hills. When they saw me running, after lap one and two, they were really surprised that I was able to still have moments of running. I’m pretty proud of myself and had no resulting back pain since the event. We were at the tail end of the pack. It was at least 1500 girls and adult running buddies. Quite an event! Two water stations, and we got water each time. The kids loved throwing down their cups.

This was the first 5K I participated in with a real group. Abi and I are excited we had this time together!

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  • KANOE10
    What a lovely healthy experience with Abby. I love the idea of teaching girls that running and exercise is fun.

    I am glad you are learning what works for your body. I have had to give up sugar also. I find that small doses are not too bad.

    Have a great vacation. That is a smart plan of stopping and getting healthy snacks to take to your mom's house.

    1399 days ago
    Well done, all around! emoticon for you AND your Abi!
    1399 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Hurray for you in sharing a lifetime memory with your beautiful granddaughter!
    1399 days ago
    Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm sorry to hear about the sugar headache. Sugar is my "frenemy" as well. I get to blame gluten on all of my problems though.
    1399 days ago
  • LINDA!
    It definitely does look like a great time together. I like to see the pottery and your large vase looks wonderful.

    Hope you have a good and sugar free time with your parents.
    1399 days ago
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