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STRESSIN over Dr appt yesterday,, surg serious foot.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

For those of you who on a regular basis,,, you KNOW how HORRID my feeties are !!! 17 surgs thus far.

So yesterday I saw my REGULAR FOOT Dr,,, who has done some AMAZING Srgs on my feet (Myprint on this is so tiny I can't really see it,, SO SORRY for ALL the mistakes !) !!! I TOTALLY TRUST her.

Well she explained,,, what she wants another surgeon to do,, he's done it before,, she has NOT and WOW OH WOW DO I EVEN ADMIRE HER MORE SO for NOT doing something ON ME which she hasn't done and has only been TAUGHT ! GOOD DR !!

Here are the 2 options as SHE laied it out,, of course the other Dr may have OTHER idea's.

1) that they go in,,,, and se a cadaver bone (from a dead person,, OH I HOPE THEY KNEW how to PLAY the GUITAR better than I Do and ALSO Sing better,, and I am quite good according those have hearfd me,,, that's quite a few)!!! they will attach it inbetween the 2 big bones of my big left toe. THat though DOES stand a HIGHER Chance, 4 to 5x more,, than the "average" patient who has this done,, de to the neuropathy. She explained its a THEORY on WHY. We have a higher body temp than the average person,,,, so she THINKS that's why hardware FAIL SO OFTEN with us,,, I've been thru it A LOT !!! Hence this is my FIRTH time with the same toe ,, hammer toe,,, twisted on it's side, and almost backwards looking UP at me,,, should I PAINT IT EYES?? Than I'd be able to see things B4 I BUMP INTO THEM !! GOLLY THAT HURTS !!

it'll also need a plate,, with one or 2 screws which will go from an angle to hold the 3 bones together . gain that means a HIGHER than average chance of infection,, which I HAVE gotten in the past on a foot surg. She said i'll be in a cast,,, I will most likely not catch It,,, well I am very good at knowing when my temp starts to peak,, I keep a GREAT EYE on my own self,, and usually they sand a nurse over,, so that ALSO helps which is hhow we caught the last one. or maybe NOT depends on the Dr,, sometimes ONLY THEY want to change the bandages and see ow THIE RWORK is coming along.

If we do this one,,, I am OFF my feet for get this,, this is the part that's FREAKING ME OUT,, for 3 or 4 MONTHS !! NOT WEEKS,, which I AM USED to, but MONTHS !! it's better off to do now,, before the leaves fall outside,, and the ground starts to get SLIPPERY cos of them,, or WAY B4 the snow /ice flies,, which in manine can start EASILY beginning of Nov, to STAY,, can HAPPEN ALSO in oct, but that usually melts,, and as LATE as the end of April start of May,,, has even happened in JULY !! LOL I LAUGHED SO HARD on that ONE !

nd opion,, which if it gets infected happens any ways,, just to take the toe off. I've WANTED the PAIN TO STOP and have "SAID" this MANY TIMES,, but, now that its starting to be REALITY ,, it's DANG OLD SCCARY !!!

So my body is now BREAKING OUT IN ECEZMA !!! OH MY GOODNESS,, HUGE area's of itching ,,, and RED, RED UGLY SPOTS !! ALL OVER my ENTIRE right leg (NOT USUALLY Affected !) from the knee down in the back,, IT"S SOO UGLY !!! And my arm,, left A LOT OF IT,, and than various other places. I AM MISABLE with it !!

So I am now just going to WAIT and SEE what the Surgeon has to say,, those are my OWN Dr's options,, will he have more,, I DO NOT KNOW, but as I told her " Ive been going thru this since I was in my early 40s,, I am now in my 50s,,, and I CAN NOT CONTINUE to do this,, into my 60s,, or even 70s !! IT NEEDS TO STOP so while I am YOUNG ENOUGH I CAN get used to things,,,, I NOW the big toe has a LOT to do with balance,, and my balance from the neuropathy is already VERY POOR hence why I use my power chair A LOT outside,,, on bad days INSIDE also. Cooking ALWAYS,,, cleaning the fllors,, A LOT ! so well,, we SHALL SEE !

TY VERY MUCH for reading this.
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    1285 days ago
    Wow! You no sooner get over one thing and then there's another! Praying they come up with some good solutions soon to end all this for you.
    1285 days ago
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    1285 days ago
    I can't even imagine dealing with being off my feet for any length of time. I don't sit still very well. Your courage and positive outlook amazes me my friend. My prayers and thoughts are always with you. emoticon
    1286 days ago


    While I am sad for your situation, I also *thank you* for sharing this - it certainly helps me to put my life in a better perspective.........I can't even *begin* to *imagine* having to be out of commission for such a long time.......

    I sooooooooo hope that this works out for the best for you!

    1286 days ago
    I couldn't even imagine 3 - 4 hours, let alone your normal 3 - 4 weeks and they say 3 - 4 months? How do you function? Adding you to my prayer list and hoping all goes well for you. My brother-in-law deals with neuropathy and says it's very painful. Good luck. Hoping all goes well.
    1286 days ago
    Oh Diane I am sorry to hear this but you will face it as you have every other one and you will overcome.I don't know where we got our courage but we seem to have a ton of it you and I . You are in my thoughts and prayers as always.love and hugs,Cheri
    1286 days ago
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