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When Did That Happen?

Monday, May 05, 2014

I guess it happens to all of us at some point—the day we realize we’re getting older. For me, it happened today. I was standing at the copier, leaning on my hand and I noticed it—my hand looks like my grandmother’s hand…when did that happen?

Maybe I’m starting to feel the fact that this year, in December, I turn the big 5 – 0. Maybe it’s because I’m just returning to my normal running routine again, after being off for about six weeks. I really don’t know…but for that moment, I felt old.

I realize that aging is perfectly normal, and I have always embraced my age. This year is no different. But I’m still waiting for the big rocking chair to replace my treadmill, and a nice pair of cozy slippers to replace my running shoes. Even though I know better, I keep having to push aside that nasty voice in my head that says that much too old to be running. What’s up with that?

Nasty inner voice be damned—I’m going into my “golden” years kicking and screaming and feeling like a 20 year old, thank you very much. I intend to keep running as long as my body allows, and when I can no longer run, I will keep walking. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m stubborn, and I don’t listen to anyone who tells me that “I can’t.”

So take notice, 50th birthday fairy, if you decide to deliver the rocking chair and slippers, I plan to ignore them completely. Because AARP member or not, I still have many more years of living in me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You so do NOT look like you are knocking on 50's door.

    You have the most amazing attitude. Keep running!

    1294 days ago
    That's right ....kick that nasty inner voice to the curb!!!!
    1295 days ago
    Hahaha! You tell 'em!! Look, I was at the gym today working out beside a 89 year old woman who was going to go walking on the river trail after her workout at the gym! So, yes, old age, nasty inner voices and 50th birthday fairies be damned! Rock and roll into your golden years!
    1295 days ago
    Sunblock helps, but life is a blessing, every day.
    1295 days ago
    I, too, look at my hands and "wince" My arm skin getting "looser"

    and like you, I will be well into the 90s with strong bones running the distance :o)

    Great blog

    1296 days ago
    What a FANTASTIC attitude!!! So glad you plan to keep living your life!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    Continued blessings and hugs,
    1296 days ago
    Wonderful attitude! emoticon

    I am 49 right now also... and I, too, noticed not that long ago that my hands look like my grandmother's... oh well. :)

    I'm also determined to just get better from here on. :)

    1296 days ago
    Great blog. Love to see the blog btw. I totally see it in my hands. I have for quite some time. This season I see it in my legs, well I remember this winter looking down and seeing my mothers knees. Crazy huh?!? I have not jogged in so long. I only VERY recently started to jog just a bit. Today I only had a very short time to get on the treadmill so I decided (after walking for a minute) to jog it without stopping. That is big for me. I did good.

    I think we can accomplish whatever we see out minds to. It may take a while and some things may only happen when the time is right but they will happen. YOU TOTALLY ROCK.
    Just ask your boy Jasper. emoticon
    He would NEVER lie to you.
    emoticon emoticon
    1296 days ago
    Your post made me giggle. I turn 49 this summer so we are very close in age. I can already seem my grandmother in my hands. So far it feels good and right but I suppose as they wrinkle more and become harder to use it won't be such a 'great thing'.

    We are only as young as we feel or treat our bodies though! Keep that spark alive and you will not age as quickly.
    1296 days ago
    Well I'll try again to get this to post. It disappeared on me!!!!

    As I was saying. You have many more years to run and then walk!!! I was way over 50 when I started doing Zumba ! I'm sure Jasper will keep you moving. Fifth isn't so bad!!!!

    1296 days ago
    The hands are the first to go. That was my wake-up call too. But with old age comes grand kids and other fun stuff so it's all good!
    1296 days ago
    You'll go far with that attitude! Keep moving as long as you can!!!

    I'll be 62 this year . . . don't ask me how that happened. And I'm having an out of body experience . . . I'm out of MY body . . . and I don't know where it went. But I can relate to your thoughts about your grandmother. I remember I used to love to sit on my gramma's lap because she was so soft and cuddly; squishy, kinda like a marshmello. I'm getting more and more like gramma every day. But it's never gonna get better than it is today, so I'm doing the best I can with what I have left.

    Carry on! Run an extra mile for me!
    1296 days ago
    emoticon The age fairy will keep you rockin' and rolling!
    1296 days ago
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