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Monday, May 05, 2014

I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. There's a whole negative feel around it--like you have to be very resolved to make it work, and there's something wrong with you that has to be fixed.

I prefer the concept of a New Year's Evolution. Highlighting the way I want to change or evolve over the next year.

The best thing about the concept of "Evolution" instead of "Resolution" is that it's much more of an ongoing process, and less of a "get there and stop" sort of thing. At least for me….

This year, my focus is... Focus. Here's what I had to say at the beginning of 2014:

There are times when I feel incredibly divided by all that I have going on, everything I need to juggle. But rather than focusing on what I need to do NOW, I focus on the struggle. Um, no, I'm not intentionally breaking into some sort of rhyme….

And sometimes, I get so focused on one thing, I have trouble switching to the next item on the list. In those cases, I want to focus on the transition, on making it positive.

Looking forward to seeing what this focus brings me….

I had to laugh when I read that again this morning. Yesterday, I was having one of those days where the processing center in my brain was totally messed up. No multitasking, no multi-threaded processes. Transitions from one thing to the next were terrible... So I just made sure to let everyone around me know I was having one of those days. I guess that counts as making the transition positive? LOL!

As for the juggling.... I guess I still feel like I have a lot of balls in the air. And I'm not sure I'm throwing them right, using the right patterns. Should I be spending more time on this one or on that? Am I neglecting this? Is it about to come crashing down?

So in the spirit of my evolving self, I've been choosing one area to focus on each month, and actually tracking what I've done. I started with a month dedicated to meditating daily (even if it's 5 minutes centering and breathing). Turns out that was a great starting point--it really does help me relax, focus. I've been pretty consistent with it even as I moved on to other areas. Like April with an exercise goal. And now May, with a blogging goal.

I still feel pretty unfocused much of the time. But the advantage of tracking is that I look back and feel amazed at what I actually managed to do....

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    Interesting! I wish I could focus on many things at one time too but no...
    I'm very interested in your 5-minute meditation. Do you still do it? What do you meditate about?
    I've found that thinking about my breathing helps calm me down, refocus (!) and doesn't take too long a time. I like Renée Stephens' idea of breathing in counting up to 7 and breathing out counting up to 7 too.
    I also like exhaling practising the S-sound (I call it snake breathing) because it takes longer to empty my lungs and it brings me peace.
    And, finally, I'm very fond of breathing meditation: breathing in, I renew, breathing out, I let go.
    Have a good day!
    1385 days ago
    I totally relate to how you feel about focus. Focus is an area which I am ... evolving!

    I have various life 'projects' that I like to work on, but I can get fixated on just one aspect of one of these, and then feel I'm not making much progress. I have started using Gqueues around a month ago. Well first, inspired by Renee's success journal idea I started just recording two or three things that I had achieved everyday (even tiny things, like emptying dishwasher, or getting some washing done!). This made me see that every day I was actually working on one project or another (one of them is maintaining a comfy, ordered, calm home!), even when it didn't feel like it. Then I started using Gqueues to organise task lists for my various projects, and everyday I enjoy ticking off things that I have done towards each project. The trick has been to use it as a success record of what I HAVE done, not a scary list of what I havent done yet. So I tend to use it retrospectively, to see what I did each day. It has helped me with focus.
    1389 days ago
    I agree with you and I am certainly EVOLVING since last October when I had CHF. Now I am searching for my NEW NORMAL from my OLD NORMAL and now am anticipating becoming a INCREDIBLE SPARK WOMAN.
    What will be my next step in finding the new, better me.

    I like the idea of a new goal each month, my therapist keeps saying for me to look at the little successes, that's sort of the same thing. Today my little success was getting on a treadmill and not falling off and being able to do a whole 20 minutes! I'll keep you posted, see my SparkPage and you'll learn more about me and what's gone on in my life since I joined SparkPeople!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1390 days ago
  • SALAM4545
    I love the idea of Evolution rather than resolution ( I may share that idea with some 5th graders I work with). If there is one thing I am learning on this journey is that there is definately a process involved.

    I had more to say, but I just had a big brain blip, myself... emoticon
    1392 days ago
    There's a great (and free!) app that "leads" 10 minute meditations - they're not guided, so it's hard to explain, but helpful and fun. It's called Headspace.

    I also sometimes focus on the struggle rather than the task. I really like your idea of focusing on one thing every month. I think I'll steal it (best form of flattery, right?) -- just have to survive the next ten days (and two major papers), then I'll start thinking about it.


    1392 days ago
    One goal a month! Great idea, and lucky me gets your daily blogs!
    1392 days ago
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