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Monday, May 05, 2014

Today is day 136 and I will go on record and state I am committed to consuming no Artificial sweeteners and no added Sugar except up to 20 grams per day for life. Very easy commitment if your wondering. Which is significant in regards to my life long commitment to my weight loss transformation and more importantly keeping the weight off once I reach the weight range that is most ideal for me. This ideal weight range is unknown until I reach it and will change the older I get or what level of fitness I can achieve. What's important is I know I have all the tools in place to attain and maintain my goals.

I have the luxury of following perhaps one of the worlds greatest weight loss diaries and blogs by my friend Sean Anderson at Which hits me 100% It's helped me in every way, my own determination, drive, finding a way to change, solving past problems, leading to my own weight loss transformation. The greater part about Sean Andersen's diary is very recent, the struggles, the mistakes, addressing the problems, reaching a new level of understanding, drive & ultimate lifetime commitment. I relate, understand, copy, learn & acknowledge. Thanks Sean for showing how important commitment, being true to yourself is which is the driving force regarding my own choices and own commitment.

These past 10 days I dropped another 2 pounds. As I go along I wonder how fast do I want to loose the weight? My average daily calorie intake has averaged about 2700 calories per day these first 136 days. About half number of calories I used to eat. Having lost 71 pounds the first 19 1/2 weeks still puts me over 3 1/2 pounds per week. That weight loss has been with very little or no exercise. I could do far better than that 2700 calories per day if I wanted too. There has not been one day where I have had any hunger and always ate when I felt hungry. I have ate all times of day or night. It fluctuates between 2400-2900 calories 90% of the time. With my easy daily choice of avoiding sugars and AS. Adjusting to my cravings of vegetables , I literally feel I have made no effort or sacrifice and feel guiltiness trapped inside. What an awkward, mixed emotions and at same time great and relieved feeling that is. Something keeps telling me not to loose weight too fast, keep getting 100% nutrition, make exercise priority, keep more muscle mass , allow more time for skin elasticity less excess skin. I continue to make gradual improvements with my hip and amount I can stand and walk everyday without pain. Moving in the summer months I am hoping to be able to throw hay around like I am accustomed too. Which will burn off 1000 extra calories some days. I would be perfectly happy with 2 pounds per week my next 20 weeks but I have a feeling I will be closer to 60 pounds 3 pounds per week pace. I will continue to do what I have. When September 25th comes along 111 pounds will be just as great as 131 pounds since December 20th 2013. Weigh loss rate will have very little impact on my lifetime commitment.

Someone posted on the message boards here on Spark People and asked why am I so hungry all the time at my recommended calorie intake. Here is my response:

I believe it all comes down to nutrition. The body needs 100% of its nutrition through food in order to satisfy hunger needs. Overeating and hunger issues may be very much do to all the sugar and junk food, not getting the nutrition your body needs.

I have learned through my own current weight loss transformation how important it is to mostly eat foods that provide 100% nutrition. Which means cutting out most all the added sugar all processed foods. Replacing all added sugar and processed foods through increase intake of Vegetables, fruit, increase good fat, fresh seafood or meat. Once your body recognizes it has all it's nutrition for the day you will loose the hunger issues.

For myself, over four months ago I cut out all Artificial Sweeteners and most all added sugar. I get over 95% of my sugar through fresh fruits and vegetables. This eliminated my hunger issues and cravings which allowed me to loose 70 pounds very easily. No AS and mostly no added sugar has allowed my taste buds change completely in a great unexpected way. Being at my current 6'5" size near 400 lbs size I find my sweet spot, getting 15 servings of vegetables, 5 servings of fruit to go along with diet primary of eggs, nuts, peanut butter, real butter, cheese, meat & seafood. I do allow up to 20 grams of added sugar every day and have wheat or starch one-two times per week. With the perfect ratio of Veg and fruit, no wheat or starch, my calorie intake is naturally lowest and completely satisfied 2000- 2200 calories per day. When I consume half as many vegetables and fruits I will naturally consume 500 more calories per day. If I consume no vegetables its often 800-1000 more per day. Remember these are when consuming no AS and very little added sugar. In these first first 136 days I have averaged 2700 calorie intake loosing an average of 3.5 pounds per week, more satisfied and less hungry in comparison to my old eating habits eating twice as much and still being hungry.

A lot can also be said to my increased fat intake and eliminating most of wheat and starch. I notice very positive correlations between being much less hungry on days I have no wheat or starch. I am also fairly positive increasing fat consumption has sped up my metabolism where I naturally burn off 400-500 more calories per day over a low fat diet which allows me to loose weight faster on a higher calorie intake.

Unexpectedly my short term commitment to going no AS and sugar has turned into a every day commitment for life. The daily constant reminder of my lifetime hunger issues makes it easy daily choice to avoid sugar. I know if I went back to sugar now or any after I loose this weight I would revert back to my old eating habits. I enjoy the freedom of not thinking about food or being controlled by food. Nutrition, complete control of my own hunger issues may possibly add 10-40 years onto my lifetime.
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BRADMILL2922 5/7/2014 2:45AM

    That is really cool that you have figured out how to stop the hunger and you have noticed a difference when you have sugar and AS as opposed to not. You have the plan and you have made some great progress! Keep learning and keep moving forward. Your actual weight is less important than the commitment to a healthier lifestyle that you have already made. You are making good decisions and with all the good decisions, the scale will follow eventually!

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PEZMOM1 5/5/2014 8:57AM

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