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Take two

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Highlighting my hair, so I have a bit of downtime while it processes, let's try again!!! Blog number two for the day. Hope this goes better this time. Thanks for the sweeties that commented on my blog from this morning. I was a bit frustrated when I lost my 5 paragraph blog at 7 am this morning. Oh well, it was probably just a bunch of boring nonsense anyway!!! Ha!

So, all is really great here. Lost another pound. This makes eleven in just about two months. I have 5 more to go to get to the weight I was last October, before I hurt my ankle, quit my job, buried my Grandfather, lived on the road in an eighteen wheeler and came back here to live and work again!!! Lot's of action, lot's of weight gained. Truck stop food is very high calorie!!! Once I loose six more pounds, the next pound lost I will actually be able to track on here because I will be back to where I was when I stopped sparking. Good stuff. Yes I still weigh twenty more than my SP starting weight, but that is better than thirty-one more! So, it's going well. I'm getting as much fit mins in as I can. Tracking has been a little off, and food quality has been a little less than perfect, but overall I am definitely doing better than I was when I wasn't sparking at all. So for me, all is good.

Had a really great weekend. Got everything done that we needed to do, plus a little extra. Got to spend time with family and quality time with hubby. The worst part was probably my allergies. It is that time of year again, and it takes major effort to not rub my eyes out of their sockets.

So, work goes on. It's still hard. Stayed til nine pm the last two nights of last week. We close at seven but there were so many people waiting after we closed. It was pretty wild. I didn't get home until after ten at night. I was dead tired. But the money is good, I like what I do, and it is doing more than just paying the bills. We actually have the money to do and get extras, which is nothing we've known for quite some time. I hate focusing on money, I really despise it, but having enough sure makes life easier.

OK, well, I'll call it a night. I love you guys. Love catching up on your blogs. You are all so great. Keep it up, you all make my life so much better!!!
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