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Day 952... What do I have to do?

Saturday, May 03, 2014

What do I have to do to get myself to take a rest day? Yesterday was supposed to be one... and I tracked 28 miles of activity on my Spark. And then today... I am already at 10 miles, and I still have to walk the dog tonight. I think I might be constitutionally incapable of taking a real "rest" day. LOL!

Drove mom to Jamestown this morning, so she could run a cooking class. We were making sandwiches, but not just any sandwiches... These were supposed to be more architectural than our typical flat sandwich. They were open faced salami or ham sandwiches with all sorts of cheeses and veggies to top them. Mom learned to make them when she worked in Denmark. But people don't listen. Why are we Americans so enamored of flat sandwiches consisting of meat and cheese between two slices of bread smeared with mayo? I have to admit I eat one almost every night, but I try to add texture and flavors to an otherwise boring sandwich. The sandwiches we made today were far more interesting! (Well the demonstration ones were... the ones the folks at the class constructed were mostly pretty blah.) I brought home some leftovers and might even make a few more interesting sandwiches for myself.

After the class (and clean up), mom and I hit the grocery stores and a farm stand which just reopened for the season. We got some very nice goodies, including some lovely pickled herring and scorpor. I decided to be adventurous and got a can of roasted eel from the international aisle. I really liked it! Mom wasn't that impressed, but she is more of a "food brat" than I am. I would like to try some eel that wasn't canned. I try to find one new food each time we hit that particular grocery store. Most of it I have enjoyed, though I wasn't too enthusiastic about boiled green peanuts.

Maybe tomorrow I will take a rest day, since I failed at it the past two days. Think I can do it this time? I might, since I just got a box of new books in the mail today.
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