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Plagiarism is hurtful, disrespectful, and just plain wrong!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

No, this has nothing to do with SP, but I'm angry and hurt that I've been plagiarized elsewhere. I want to say something about it here because maybe someone who's plagiarized in the past or might consider it in the future (even on a small scale) will read this and realize how hurtful and disrespectful it is, and choose to correct the wrong or never do it.

I wrote this review on Amazon back in January. Read it two or three times so it sort of sticks in your head.

(EDIT: they deleted a significant portion of the review to remove my words.)
Now read this review that was just posted yesterday. (I've asked for the post to be removed, so if the link is broken that's why.)

Do you see the blatant plagiarism? Several sentences reversed and multiple distinct phrases are taken directly from my review. The significant portions of my review were stolen and put on tumblr then tweeted about to the movie's twitter, as well as the main people involved in the film, looking for recognition for words that aren't even theirs! It's wholly disrespectful to everyone involved in the movie to steal someone else's review then beg for attention for it instead of taking the time to put in real effort to create an original review with unique thoughts.

I responded on twitter, including the people the tweet was originally sent to, in hopes they will see it and give no further attention to this reviewer. I've commented on Tumblr and asked for an apology to me, and another should go to the writer/director/actors/crew also. If this phony reviewer can't so much as apologize and delete/rewrite the review, then they deserve to be discredited. I also sent an email to Tumblr to get involved due to their rules being broken. If the poster doesn't remove and/or rewrite the post, they should be removed from Tumblr. Of course, other parts of the review seem familiar, as if they may have taken sections from other reviews also. So disgusting!

What is wrong with some people that they think this is okay and that they won't get called out over it? Have they not learned anything from the Shia LeBeoff fiasco?

EDIT: As I said above, they deleted a large portion of the review to remove my words. It's a much thinner and simplistic post now! They also deleted the comment I left shaming them. Either they saw that my posting about it was going to get too much attention to escape (both on Twitter and my comment on Tumblr) or my complaint to Tumblr put pressure on them. While it feels better to have them give in and remove my words from their review, I believe it would be better for them to admit the wrong and apologize for the theft. There's no point in pushing for more, as it's doubtful I'll get an apology, so I have to forget it and move on. But I did screen print their original post should I ever need it. I'm also trying to remember the saying "imitation is the greatest form of flattery", though it's hard to feel flattered when they begged for attention after stealing my words.
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  • SOFT_VAL67
    I am not sure I have ever been plagurized, however, I did add some pictures to my facebook of my recent vacation, pictures that I myself took.
    and they were of a beautiful sunrise over the beach, so many other people took those pics, I seen them on someone elses page, but at least a few of the people asked me if it was ok to share.
    so i have decided anytime from now on when i add new pics, i am going to go to pizap first and add at least my initials if not my name and date.
    it might sound somewhat petty, but at least one of those pics was so beautiful, it looked like an artists painting instead of having been taken on a cellphone.
    but then again, someone can always edit my name off.
    nothing we post online, words or pics are ever really only ours after we post them.
    nothing is safe online.
    1051 days ago
    1051 days ago
    It's unfortunate, but many people these days are so devoid of writing skills, that they often steal from Amazon reviewers reviews. I've seen it on the reviews themselves, darn near a duplicate review.

    You have a right to be angry. Plagiarism is a disgusting thing for someone to do. Totally unscrupulous! I do hope you are able to get some satisfaction from this ordeal. I know I would be hurt if I were in your shoes, and the common decency would have been the writer at the very least, give credit to your words.

    UGH UGH and UGH! emoticon
    1150 days ago
    I agree with you, and I've bet all their other reviews were stolen from other reviewers too!

    Aside from that, I thought your review was great!
    1150 days ago
    emoticon I hope that there is some resolution to your issue.
    1150 days ago
    I am so sorry you have to deal with this nonsense........I've always enjoyed writing (though I don't do so for pay - just a few Spark blogs at the most for now ;) ) - and I can't even begin to imagine myself stooping so low - this is just another sad example of just how low this society and world has gone.......

    I hope you get justice, satisfaction, vindication and validation - sorry for the overuse of words, but I think you get what I mean.........may karma have its way with the responsible party ASAP!

    1150 days ago
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