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Day 36/66 - Paleo Day 3

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ok, well, it isn't like I completely went off of Paleo, but over the last month I have had a few pints of ice cream, some cheetos, a few Tony's frozen pizzas, a grilled-cheese sandwich and here and there a bit of something I'm not supposed to have: some barley, beans, etc.

The effects of these digressions are: 1) fatigue 2) my ongoing sickness started after my first break from Paleo 3) I no longer feel like I'm slimming down (you know, that feeling...not just what you see on the scale) and 4) I've gained back about 4 pounds.

What I have actually found more interesting, is that despite these digressions, I didn't go completely off of Paleo. Being on Paleo, makes me want to stay on Paleo. Is it because it makes me feel so good? Probably. But I haven't done anything to get back on track 100%, so that's where I am now. Day 3.

I'm blurring the lines a bit with the milk and cheese, and I did buy some soy morning sausages because otherwise, I don't have breakfast. EVER. Two of those sausages with 2 eggs = I'm excited for breakfast. Otherwise, I pass. I'm trying not to eat them every day. Maybe when I get used to cooking breakfast I'll be able to switch to a turkey sausage, but right now, those smells in the morning are just too much to handle.

My goal for May weight-wise is to get under 180.

My last day at work is the 19th (technically the 21st, but I don't work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). I am so excited. I am so ready to start something new! The owners are being pretty nice. I haven't been spreading the word. I think that is more respectful. But I tell you what, I get butterflies thinking about it being over!

Here is to a fabulous May for everyone out there!
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    You know, I've had a few veggie omelets here in SE Asia and they're wonderful - today was eggs with broccoli, scallion, peppers (capsicum), and grape tomatoes. Do you think that would interest you more than the soy sausage stuff? Healthier for you, get more of those good vegs, and still very tasty. Just a though.
    879 days ago
    Hope the last couple of weeks go by quickly and easily!

    You probably just need to regroup your energy. Times of change make us all feel unfocused. As you turn your face forward and the job changes fade to the past you'll get your oomph back!

    If you have the time to make it and freeze it ahead, this looks like a pretty good recipe for an all-beef breakfast sausage:

    880 days ago
    Good Luck in your new job! I'm also trying quasi paleo (no grains, no soy, no dairy) but sneaking in some paleo no,no foods like corn and quinoa (and normal chocolate). I must say that I feel great and am losing weight even with the cheats. Hope it works for you too, cheats and all.
    881 days ago
    I've heard that the soy meat-replacement items are pretty bad for you - lots of processing and high in sodium and other flavor additives. It is probably better than eating nothing in the morning, but when I was on paleo I realized that breakfast doesn't have to be breakfast food. You can eat the steak in the morning if you want it. Just something in your belly. Keep on keeping on!!!
    881 days ago
    I'm moving toward a modified paleo/primal. There are things on both I won't do like organ meats and my doctor insists I have to have yogurt for G.I. issues and I tend to think he's right about that. I still cheat too much but my fridge and pantry are getting better again. I really have to ditch the gluten and cut back on the carbs. I'm not a person that worries much about legumes like some people. I worry more about grains. I also am not giving up cheese.

    I sure hope you love the new job!!
    881 days ago

    I'm SO GLAD you are excited about your new job, and are looking forward to it... and that your nearly old job isn't making this harder.

    It's hard to do what is best for yourself when you are struggling at the most basic levels... I SO know what that feels like. Dearest Eddy, like me, I don't think you are someone who can dabble at this and achieve what you want to achieve (weight loss, fertility, less struggle)

    Some thoughts that might encourage/inspire you to get on-track, and stay there:

    For some people, until the brain has begun to recover, it is impossible to commit and fully engage in the process... a STRICT 30 days at least is imperative to allow the mind to clear enough to do then do what has to be done (read Grain Brain... depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, obsessive thoughts are all the result of a broken gut... as long as you don't commit 100% your brain will prevent you from doing what is best for you)

    As little as one small exposure to gluten every 10 days keeps your gut damaged (so even if you're good all of the rest of the time, real healing never happens... 80/20 is for otherwise healthy individuals... not those already living with significant dis-ease like obesity, hormonal disturbances and disrupted gut/brain axis)

    Soy is probably worse than skipping breakfast ('breakfast' is not as necessary as conventional wisdom would have us believe, and skipping it can even be benficial). As a severely hormonally disrupted person, soy (on so many levels) is the very worst thing that you can you can be putting into your body.

    There is a VERY STRONG possibility that were you to commit to a full-on Paleo program completely for as long as you need to, that you would conceive naturally (within a year), and not have to spend that $30,000 (especially when there ARE healthier/safer/higher success rates and less financially disabling solutions to infertility)... and committing to Paleo exponentially increases your chances of success should you do IVF (or any fertility treatment). The reality is that all hormonal interventions (i.e. clomid... even if you achieve conception and carry to term) will mess up your body further with respect to the possibility of successive pregnancies.

    Check out:

    The NaPro Technology Revolution: Unleashing the Power in a Woman's Cycle


    881 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/5/2014 12:53:03 AM
    Thanks for sharing
    881 days ago
    It's exciting to start a new chapter, and kinda scary as well. Keeps us growing. Big hug.
    881 days ago
    Good luck.
    881 days ago
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