Day three mantra

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today I will take the following step towards my goal: I will begin organizing my life in a manner that bends toward success.

You know what the commercial says. 'Life comes at you fast.' And it's true. It doesn't take much at all to put you into 'reaction' mode. Our lives these days are full and fast paced. Situations and priorities can change in a flash. If you are unprepared, disorganized, not paying attention? Your goals can be forgotten and you can be heading in the opposite direction of fulfilling them before you even realize what hit you.

Starting today I will begin to organzie my life for success. I won't 'accomplish' this goal today, but I will start moving in that direction by thinking hard about my goals and examining my daily routines and processes. What is working for me, and what is at cross-purposes to my goals? What can I do smarter? What can I stop doing? What resources do I have to help me?

I know I accomplish my goals so much easier when I have a plan that I can just put on auto pilot. A set routine I can cruise to, with built in flexibility for those times when life comes at

So for today, and maybe the next few days really, I will be thinking, writing, planning. My goals are only a good plan away!
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