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Deep Breaths

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good morning, Pals!

So, the good news is that I'm getting in more steps. The bad news is that 137.5 disappeared and 139 is back. I'm really not sure what that's about, as I've been eating mindfully and avoiding most everything that I know will pack the weight on. I think that the problem is turkey Polish that we had over the weekend. The calorie count is reasonable but I think that the sodium count is probably through the roof. Upping the water intake for the rest of the week and will see how that goes.

I have been chanting my mantra: "More Water! Less Beer!" and have been sticking to it. "Less" doesn't = "None," but less is good. Please understand that "normal" is 2 -3 per week. The big change is "More Water."

We go on vacation on May 22.

The Wedding is on May 10.

The Girl returns from Paris on May 7.

My law partner officially steps down as partner on May 1, and The New Guy will (quietly) assume the mantle that day. My LP will stick around and babysit my cases until we get back from our trip. My legal assistant is still being horrible to TNG. Nothing overt, but she's cold and unhelpful. She's looking for another job. She's been with us since she was 18 (20 years now) and I love her like a daughter, but I sure don't like her much now. It will be a huge institutional loss if she leaves, but, that being said, the stress level may go down.

Thank you, Bitstrips.

The rest of my life is focused on getting as much stuff done before we go on vacation. I have a "what if the plane goes down?" mentality when I have to leave the office for more than a few days. Everyone's job is stressful and has duties that I will not understand because I only know lawyering (ok, I also know teaching and retailing. Been there, done/doing that). Please trust me when I tell you that there is absolutely nothing sexy about being a lawyer. It's all paperwork, unhappy people (would YOU be happy if you had to hire a lawyer? Think about it), time limits, telephone calls, and, for some of us, court stuff. I care about my clients (too much, according to LP and TNG and The Staff). I do not know a single "rich lawyer." Most of us are getting by. If we own our businesses, the staff gets paid, the bills get paid, and, if there's some money left over, we get paid (truth, Crazydog? Vouch for me!). When I was a public defender, I always thought that the closest that TV got to the truth was "Night Court." In my current practice, it's nothing like "LA Law" or "The Good Wife," or anything else that you've seen on TV. It's exactly as I've described it above.

Time for my second cup of coffee and a task before my 10:00 deposition.

Breathing --

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DALID414
    Wow, busy month ahead.
    1265 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    It's probably stress that is keeping those lbs on. Try to relax (if you can) and maybe get some calming exercise in.

    You're amazing, you can do this.
    1265 days ago
    A Law firm can by so trying. Try and relax while on vacation. I hope the new guy works out real well too. Nothing like our dogs to make life happy!!
    1265 days ago
    Love my Crazy Dog!!!
    1265 days ago
    OK . . . I like Truth or Dare and I'll take the Truth. YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!!! And in this evil world of employment, no job, not even lawyering is sacred. They'll chop you up if it helps the bottom line (well, big corps anyway.) So, my dear, you are DEAD ON.

    It certainly would be a loss to lose your LP, BUT maybe there's someone out there who would be a fit AND be civil to NG. **SIGH** I can't understand why people are so nasty to each other! But, that's for another soap box, right!

    OMG, my DH used to ask me ALL THE TIME "Is it really like that in hospitals (after watching idiotic shows like Grey's Anatomy and the like)". NO NO NO NO NO, And for sure lawyering is NOTHING like on LA Law (I did like that show, though) or The Good Wife. What can one say. People go for un-reality I guess.

    I cannot believe The Girl is returning in a little over a week!!! AWESOMENESS!
    I SURE cannot believe DS's wedding is coming up already!! YIKES

    Well, definitely keep up the water. I would have to place my bet on the salt in the Polish (dang! LOVE that with a good beer too, but they don't love the ol' bod!)

    HUGS, hang in there. I am pretty good at Water Rescue (was a Life Guard in a former life!) , but keep treading, dear one. Keep treading! emoticon

    1265 days ago
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