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Saturday, local shopping and happy scale!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sometimes I step on the scale mid-week. My official weigh in day in on Monday, but I stepped on the scale today. It finally said an even 180! That made it time to take my new picture in my new style. There's this thing about the number 180 with me. Over it I feel fat and bloated, but under it I feel average and able to do anything. It's much easier to fit into my clothes under 180. My muffin top isn't as prominent under 180. It's the second magical number, the first was 200. 180 makes me feel average and like I can blend in with the world.

The kids' new shoes came in today, so we went out and got them, now they have well fitting new shoes! On the way home we stopped downtown to pick up some local, well made items. The bakery and the meat shop were our stops. Now we have good, local lunchmeat and fresh bread to put it on. I let the kids pick out a treat in the bakery too so one had a donut and the other a cupcake. I'm going to have to budget for downtown shopping more often, especially when the farmer's market starts for the season.

Before we set out to do anything I had breakfast. Just the regular stuff, fruit, vanilla yogurt, and oats.

When my husband finally woke up, I got him to take some pictures for me. This is what I look like now, letting it all hang out.

And this is my 2 second makeover, sucking it in allows me to see where I will be going with my body soon. I know you all do it, we all suck it in sometimes.

When we got to the meat shop, I always pick up some Happy Sticks. They're a spicy meat stick and always a treat when we stop there.

The kids left right away with their father when we got home, so I settled down for some lunch. I had the roast beef lunchmeat on the bread that is almost gone at our house, we'll be breaking into the new loaf in the next couple of days.

I had a handful of trail mix a little while later.

About an hour later I had a granola bar.

This is my garden. I have 6 pots planted and this one is the one that is grown the most. Those are purple beans and there are a couple of tomatoes working their way up too.

I still wanted some of that lunchmeat, so I had a few more slices a bit later.

Just before everyone came home, I wanted a little something sweet, seems like I kept on finding my legs carrying me into the kitchen all day. This is an organic cereal, made my milk turn chocolate.

For dinner, I used the pound of ground beef I picked up that morning to make a hot dish. This is a "cheeseburger" hot dish with ground beef, a can of tomatoes, some cheese and noodles.

At the end of the day my husband decided to pop up some popcorn, It's the multi-colored blend we have. So popcorn and Dr. Who became the late night thing.

It seems I'm doing something right to be able to keep on losing the weight without logging my food. I guess the pictures are helping. I must have gotten the right habits set in place to keep on losing the weight until it gets to a maintenance weight. Perhaps I'll actually see those 160's I've been looking for the last couple of years.

FitBit step count: 2840
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