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Setting up my Blog Posts for BLC 25 - Goals and Action Steps

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I need somewhere to go where I can make adjustments to my plans and preparations according to LIFE, so that my goals and values stay number one regardless of impulses and feelings.
I need somewhere where I can bring together all the goals I have written down in various places all over start page, my team challenges, my spark page, here. I need to make sure they are all smart, heading in the same direction, and aren't too many that my life is overwhelmed and I give up.

Each Wednesday after weigh-in (at least) I shall come back here and post, to re-immerse myself in my goals and action steps, discuss hurdles, whinge and rant, and celebrate achievements!

So here we go...

Firstly, I need to differentiate between my GOALS and my VALUES, and my ACTION STEPS. Because my values will help me state my short and long term goals. And keeping my values in sight I can keep my impulses in check. And my action steps are the HOW.

I value:
Healthy, ethical, sustainable living.
Being able to curl up in a chair, cross my legs, literally hop off a bus or run for a train.
Being agile (and alive) at 60, 70, 80, 90... (mainly so I can keep playing Twister ;-)
Perseverance and Resilience
Living out your passions
Confident Parenting

Kindness (grace, empathy, compassion, action)
Financial Independence

(probably more but I'll leave it at that for this post)

So in keeping with my values, but also keeping these particular goals HEALTH-FOCUSED

My long term health goals are specifically:
1. To reach my goal weight range of 127-131lbs, by June 2015
2. To trek the Larapinta Trail in August 2015 (for my 50th birthday)
3. To reach an advanced level of yoga practice (i'm at beginner level)
4. To do at least one long trail run with my brother, per year.
5. To have a working, year-round vegie garden ( I have a black thumb)

Short term goals that head towards my long term goals:
1. To lose 30lbs this BLC 25 challenge
2. To get a 2000 min Sparkpeople Trophy in May, and 2500 Trophy each month after that
3. To go on a day hike with my brother in August 2014 ( my reward for consistency on this challenge)
4. To save $100 per fortnight (for the Larapinta Trail trek)
5. In this challenge, to reach 2000 mins yoga practice, at beginner level
6. Weather permitting, to be riding to uni 2-3 days per week by the end of the challenge
7. To keep the snails out of my small and so far manageable garden of winter greens.

So now I only have to reach my short term goals, then at the end of this challenge, assess them and make the next ones.

How do I reach my short term goals, on a daily and weekly basis? (realistic action steps) - I am not going to reach them without a plan!

1. Track my food and fitness daily.
2. Plan my meals and budget each fortnight. Prepare lunches for uni. Have soup and snacks ready in the freezer in case I get caught out. Keep shopping list on phone so I don't forget it (NO EXCUSES)
3. Drink water religiously - 2 litres per day minimum
4. Aim for 7-8 hours sleep a night
5. Yoga every morning
6. Time-managed to-do list every morning straight into my diary app so I get an alarm.
7. plan meals (IN MY TRACKER!!) every morning.
8. Tidy my kitchen, lounge and workspace every night
9. Check in and support spark team and other spark friends minimum once per day
10. Do everything my team leaders tell me.
11. Automatic transfer of money into separate savings account, every fortnight. (DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT)

Oh my goodness I have just completed no.11 and set up the transfer! DONE!

To make my meal planning more varied and fun (and frugal) I am setting up a new pinterest board, and throwing in all the attractive recipes in there.

Good luck with YOUR planning and goal setting and goal ACHIEVING!

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