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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The thing that I most often have to remind myself is that number one rule: Stay motivated--No Matter What. Because motivation IS something that has to be continually renewed and refreshed. When I take the time each morning just to inspire myself (for me it's my slideshow), that's the beginning of my successful days. Because I think it can be easy to forget sometimes that your body deserves the best. Especially on the days where we're not feeling 100%. For me this morning, I have a bit of a flu/cold thing going on and so I wasn't in tip-top form. I had to convince myself that I was going to do the baking/cooking that I had planned in advance yesterday from Sparkrecipes by promising myself that it would only take a "little" bit of time to do, and it ended up being completely worth it. The food was delicious and everyone in the family enjoyed it. I felt good, too, because I accomplished something that I don't ordinarily do. I'm known to bake cakes and cookies from time to time, but I rarely ever cook meals and today I made a casserole. My very first. I felt quite proud of myself. But, after lunch I fell victim to grogginess and felt like maybe I had an excuse to not do anything today since I wasn't feeling well. Well, we know you either make progress or excuses. And I didn't want to make excuses. Having lost weight this week and made so much progress in all areas, I didn't want to backslide. So, I took some cold medicine and made a point of remotivating myself. Making a change in what I would ordinarily do. There's a quote I like:

"One reason that people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up, rather than what they have to GAIN." -Rick Godwin

And I think that's an important thing to think about, particularly when it comes to the weight loss journey. There is so much to gain from a switch to a healthy lifestyle that you have to switch your focus of off what you are 'giving up' when you ditch your unhealthy habits and instead emphasize how much you are gaining and it doesn't seem like such a punishment. One of the things I've gained is being able to RUN across the back yard with the dog, chasing after birds. I couldn't even think about doing that a few months ago. And that's such a small thing, but it's meaningful to me.

And when it comes to making these changes in our lives, we have some important questions we need to start asking ourselves. I think this article perfectly maps it all out:

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