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More about changing ingrained harmful habits....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The chapter I am listening to now is about AA (and other twelve step programs)and how it fits into the "habit" research.

At first glance it does not seem to fit, but analyzing further shows why it is so successful helping people change the "habit" of addictions.

The meetings and social interactions are very powerful giving a person something to do (the changed "routine") other than downing alcohol in a bar or at home.

And the step to make amends for past wrongs forces a person to analyze their own behavior. This fits the "habit' format because the person discovers the "cues" that lead to the addictive behavior.

The "craving" is also discovered by analyzing the feelings that happen just before a craving hits hard. The idea is that social interaction at the meetings and with a sponsor satisfy the craving better than drinking with its myriad of awful consequences.

Maybe there is hope for me changing my continual nibbling all day long!

For me the nibbling is definitely worse when I have no energy--which is about 70% or more of the time. If I had enough energy, I'd not be bored and depressed and looking for something pleasurable.

I am continuing to improve my eating habits so I will have more energy. Long ago (in the time of the dinosaurs) I weighed 142-150 for years. But I had no energy! Eventually I started gaining the weight back.

Then when life really hit hard, full depression and stresses made even trying to eat right and exercise nearly impossible. At least I am now in a MUCH BETTER place than in those years. emoticon

I have faith now that I can beat this. I love the water aerobic classes! emoticon And I love eating lots of veggies! emoticon

The energy will improve! chris

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