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Power of habits--I am learning lots from this (audio) book!

Friday, April 25, 2014

My life is pretty disorganized. emoticon I wish I had lots more ingrained (good) habits. I blame my lack of energy for my disorganization. On days that I have energy I get many of those beneficial, "little:" things done. Days that are low on energy my kitchen becomes messy and clothes seem to accumulate strewn through the house and a general untidiness is apparent. It takes me days to get it all in order. Heaven forbid, I am actually sick for a number of days.

The book tells about the research with animals. Electrodes are put in the brains of lab rats or monkeys, etc. So researchers can tell which parts of the brain are being used. As a habit gets stronger, less of the rest of the brain is used. Less energy is expended . "Auto pilot" seems to kick in. Related to eating, auto pilot would help me eat veggies instead of wanting the last chocolate cupcake. emoticon

In addition to animals, people with brain injuries were studied. "Eugene" had his basal ganglia damaged by a brain virus. He lost the ability to make new habits. He could do things like find his way home from a walk but not be able to tell you which of a few house was his!
He could get a snack in the cupboard in the kitchen but, being in the living room, could not tell you where the kitchen was.! Our brains are something, aren't they!

To keep eating healthy we need to develop those healthy habits . It eliminates lots of the temptations to eat "wrong."

I am enjoying the book. I got it from the library. I can listen as I do my daily errands.
Maybe I will develop the habit of getting audio books! emoticon


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