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Can you be fat and still be healthy?!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

That is the question of the day. I have to do wellness checks with my doctor every 6 months and was telling my doctor that I was very frustrated because even though I had been exercising and watching my calories and not eating gluten like a good girl (I am a Celiac) that I was still gaining weight. On top of that frustration I was in a car accident that was preventing me for a week from walking.

After she got my blood tests back she said that they were all perfect and that although my weight was an distressing to me I shouldn't worry so much about it because everything indicated I was healthy.

I didn't know what to say. My BMI indicates that I am obese but she was telling me to live with it.

So my question to you is....Can you be fat and still be healthy? If all your tests indicate health, do you learn to live with your weight and accept it as your fate?
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    I think so..l
    26 days ago
    Yes, when you are born big, but still partake in all healthy habits. Not everyone is a perfect size 0 or 6.
    35 days ago
    My doctor says we can be fat and healthy!
    45 days ago
    I remember playing soccer about 40 years ago back when I was very thin and wondering how I was being beat up on the field by clearly overweight players. Some were faster than me etc. I had the same types of thoughts watching my daughter's roller derby team. Some of the best players clearly had weight issues.

    So weight is a factor, but not the only factor. For you, I'd guess your doctor is more worried about celiac control -- kind of prioritizing.
    45 days ago
    Well, I guess I can only tell you what my own experience was. For years, my blood work was normal, although my blood pressure was high, when I weighed about 75 lbs. more than I do right now. Over the years, my blood fats went out of normal range, and my triglycerides became quite high. By losing the weight, I brought all those numbers back down to normal although I have a few non-diet related problems now - abnormalities unrelated to diet and not really understood, currently, by medical science.

    So, maybe a person's mileage might vary, but I'm sort of relieved I got my numbers back in line via weight loss.
    1329 days ago
    Yes and some people can be skinny and unhealthy too. I met a women that did aerobics and she could do things with her body that skinny people could not do and she was obese.
    1331 days ago
    I believe we are to some degree by make up, heredity whatever going to have a predisposition to be at a certain weight etc. just like some are predisposed to heart disease, diabetes etc. BUT we should all strive to eat a healthy well balanced diet and exercise regardless. If we are eating right, exercising, and our Dr's state everything is looking good, no issues, then I would say don't stress about it.

    My parents as an example: My mom, loved veggies, rarely ate sweets, actually ate very healthy, but due to a thyroid problem, was overweight, actually morbidly obese (weight at one point was 340 lbs) until her death at 71. She did exercise, but not religiously. My mother never had any health issues other then her hypothyroidism, NO heart problems, NO high blood pressure, NO diabetes (altho this runs in her family), NO breathing issues, nothing. She developed a urinary tract infection which she didn't realize, she didn't present with the typical symptoms most people do, the infection went to her kidneys and she went into septic shock, then developed pneumonia and this is what she ultimately died from.
    My Dad: Raised on a farm, basically always ate healthy, but loved his sweets. got regular exercise, didn't have a weight issue, was never one to sit around, always up going doing something, working his job, had a side business as a handy man, he gardened, took a long walk daily etc... yet he was the one who had cardiac issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, he had to have angioplasty done on a couple arteries in his heart, was on multiple meds!
    So 2 people, one who is morbidly obese and no health issues at all until she got a bad infection, that ultimately caused her death, and then another person who was not obese and had mult health issues. So I really believe a lot has to do with your heredity. So I agree with the Dr, exercise, eat healthy, be active and as long as everything is with in the proper range, then being overweight isn't as much of an issue health wise as it might be personally, as far as how a person feels about themselves, how comfortable they are.
    1331 days ago
    I think eventually being overweight will catch up with a person. Blood tests don't indicate all the possible consequences of extra weight, such as the stress on joints.
    1331 days ago
    I'd like to think that it is possible to live outside the box and still be healthy. Let's hope some 'experts' weigh in on this (no pun intended).
    1331 days ago
    No, because if one does not stay vigilant the weight will just balloon. It does not have to be a burden, just a lifestyle.
    1331 days ago
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