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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I started tracking my food again, about two weeks ago. I did GOOD except for one day last week and today. The BAD is I waited to track at the end of the day. I know better then to try to trust my own memory and thoughts of how much I can have. The ULGY is I over did it on my fats last week the day I didn't track. Today, I messed up pretty bad. I went over on my calories, carbs, sodium. and fats. Carelessness like that can cost me on the scale.

The GOOD for last week was that I did track my food before eating anything, with the exception of that one day. The BAD was, I didn't pay attention to the sodium I was consuming. The UGLY I had gone over on my sodium four days that week. emoticon

The GOOD last week was that I tried to do some type of exercise everyday except for one. The BAD last week I didn't do enough vigorous exercise to make it work. The UGLY, because of my fauxpau with my food tracker, sodium intake, and not enough heart pounding exercises, my weight went up 2 pounds. I didn't see that coming. emoticon I did think maybe my weight would hold. At the time I didn't realize I had an over consumption of salt.

I immediately looked over everyday of tracking my food and that was when I saw the sodium intake I had for the week. emoticon

I did get in two days of really good exercise. I really paid for it each night. You know about the chronic pain I have. It slammed into high gear. The other days I have exercised as well, but not heart pounding.

It is back to the drawing board for me. I have to make some decisions of small goals and stick to them like white on rice. I need to be extra careful and pay more attention to my Nutritional Tracker and plan ahead like I use to do. I need to start taking snacks and water when we go out anywhere. Measure my food more carefully. Exercise is a harder one for me. I love to exercise, but my pain makes me hold back. I need to fight that. I will always be in pain. I need to get my mind set on fighting through the pain when I exercise. I need to do more and longer periods of exercises. I need to be sensible about each exercise I do. I did it once and I can do it again. I was exercising an average of two hours a day before I got sick this last time . I did have a lot of back and leg pain, but I was managing it. I seem to be having a really hard time getting my health built back up. This is not an excuse, though! I can do this! I have done it before, so I know I can do it. I just have to push harder and give myself pep talks with my pain meter goes up. I not talking about working so hard I hurt myself. Chronic pain doesn't go away and extra body movement will make it worst. Pushing harder to get some good cardio or strength training done will certainly cause some terrible pain. It has to be done. Is it worth it? You are darn tootin'! After a good while of going through the pain, my muscles will start to strengthen. My endurance will become much more tolerable. I will wake up one day and say to myself, "All this has been worth it. I am getting stronger and can do more than I ever dreamed." I know this how? I have been through it before. Yes it caused a lot of suffering and pain, but the end result was a healthier body, a stronger body, and an ability to do the exercises without so much pain as time goes by.

My Motto I like to Quote"

Never give up! Never give in! Never quit! Never, never, never!!!!!

My Favorite Bible Verse that encourages me.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me.

I am not sure how well my weigh in will be this week. I am hoping better than last week. Tomorrow is a fresh new day. I will take it and make it my best. I have to get this weigh off. I can't quit! I can't give up! I have to do everything possible to get back in shape. I need to be healthy.

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