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I know its about the food!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I am stubborn. Not about everything, but the things I am passionate about, I would fight tooth and nail for. I am PASSIONATE about food. I am sure some of my fat may be due to deep-rooted psychological issues, but MOST of it is because FOOD IS emoticon Everyone who has ever been on a diet has heard the addage that weight loss is 20% SWEAT and 80% NUTRITION. That sucks. Why can't I just eat my coffee cake and dance later???!!! emoticon I am telling you, if weight loss was determined solely by effort of movement, I would be waltzing through the supermarket in a bikini! emoticon

But it's not. And even though I had heard that 3,000 times before, I didn't wholeheartedly believe it until Monday night. I went to a Zumba class and ran into a woman that I had not seen in about six months. The last I had seen her, she had already lost 40 lbs from her all-time high, but she still had weight to lose. She had told me, at that time, that she had joined Weight Watchers and that she really needed to focus on her diet because she was working out like crazy but had stopped seeing results. I wished her the best, got married and gained "Love weight". In the meantime, she focused on her nutrition and continued to workout. When I seen her on Monday, I didn't immediately recognize her. But then I did a double take. emoticon She has lost an additional 45 lbs!!! From the time I originally met her over a year ago, to know, she has gone from what I suspect to have been a 22W/24W to her current size 10. She carries a lot of her weight in herbottom half so she may easily be an 8 on top. Her transformation is MIRACULOUS!! I take that back. It wasn't a miracle. It was her hard work, tenacity, fight and focus that got her there. But most importantly, it was her NUTRITION. She told me after class that she plans everything and tracks everything. And THAT is when it clicked for me. This woman and I have spent plenty of time in the sauna together after a class trying to encourage each other and sharing our struggle. She loves food just like I do. But she also likes to sweat, just like I do. I thought to myself: you can BE where she is at if you are WILLING to do the WORK that she did. I MUST TRACK FOOD! I also can't allow boredom to dictate what I put into my mouth. I have to be okay with being hungry. On a sidenote: I attempted to track my food on Spark yesterday and it was not working. Nonetheless, nutrition is the bizness!!

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    Thanks for sharing! It is a great reminder about the importance of what we put in our mouths. It does count... It counts a lot!
    1335 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    I think the number one thing that helped me lose weight before the wedding was tracking everything, and I mea everything I ate. I was faithful about weighing/measuring my food. Because 110 calorie cereal can easily turn into much more if you don't meaure out 3/4 cup.

    I also planned 1 day ahead what I would eat, and I only allowed myself one "treat" meal a week. Doing that helped me lose the weight.... until I got pregnant of course- then I had an aversion to almost all meat, I was queasy when I had an empty stomach, and I craved sugar and carbs... pasta and bread.

    But now since re-starting 2 weeks ago, I have been faithfully tracking and I am definitely seeing the results. it gets easier each day.

    I wish you the best of luck! You can do this!
    1352 days ago
  • EUEK098
    Music to my ears, the food is the crazy part.
    1358 days ago
    You know it. I struggled for so long with accepting that very fact. I'd been so convinced I could not lose weight due to it just plain not happening for so long that even when I did make huge changes in how I was eating I didn't think I was going to lose much. But I did!

    Your determination is so great to see; with that attitude you will surely get there. About the hunger, though? Might not be as bad as you're anticipating. I did have some discomfort I needed to power through in the first month or six weeks after dropping calories dramatically, but I was amazed at how normal I began to feel after that. When you pay careful attention to what and when you're eating, and don't let it get you down if you have a day or two that are rougher than usual, it's all quite manageable.
    1382 days ago
    Thanks for this blog -- this is something we could all stand to hear (especially me, especially lately). How's it going with tracking?
    1382 days ago
    This blog is the truth! The most success I've ever had was b/c I focused on my food. I tracked & watched what I ate & kept sweating. I bet it was a reality check for you!
    1385 days ago
    Oh I hear you this is my struggle too. I KNOW if I would just buckle down and really really focus on my nutrition I would reach my goals much much sooner than I have been. I am glad I read your blog this morning today I will track here on spark, it is just something that has to be done. Thanks Girlie! And congrats to your friend for buckling down and getting it done;) emoticon
    1385 days ago
    SO SO SO TRUE!!!! I have been the QUEEN of trying to outwork a bad diet. While I didn't see it at the time I look back and think of how many 2-2.5 hour workouts I put in at the gym time after time and look puzzled when I'd hop on the scale and wouldn't see the results I was expecting!!!
    I know I will never be truly successful until I master the FORK! I can workout with the best of them, but I know I've gotta watch what I put in my mouth!!

    Do you ever feel a million times more hungry when you're working out a lot? For some reason I struggle with that. I've just had to learn to tell myself "no" and drink more water LOL.

    Can you and your hub just move to Houston?!! Please please please!!!! We'd smash all these goals!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    1394 days ago
    Yes! I still have to track my food daily. When I don't the weight starts creeping back on. Luckily, I have stopped it before it gets too much. I know emoticon You've made progress before and you can do it again. emoticon
    1395 days ago
    All too true. I find though that if I plan right and include filling foods in my daily fare I'm not hungry - even with the calorie deficiency. I've also learned that I sometimes mistake being tired with being hungry and eat when I should rest.
    1396 days ago
    This post reminds of my recent cinnabun encounter and how being mindful of what we eat is important. I ate a cinnabun for Easter breakfast and after ate it I decided to look up the nutrition. Lets just say whole cow...there were well over 1000 calories in that bad boy. That's a lot of time on the treadmill. It stinks that we can't just chow down on whatever we want when ever we want but I believe moderation is key and being mindful through tracking seems to help me be mindful.

    I'm glad to hear that others hate tracking as much as me. Hang in there!!
    1396 days ago
    1396 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Tracking is important! I track the good, the bad, & the you-know-your-a$$-shouldn't-eat-tha
    t!! It's a struggle but emoticon !!!
    1396 days ago
    I believe in eating in moderation and exercising five times a week. It is taking some time, but it is worth it and it is something I can live with the rest of my life.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1397 days ago
    I agree tracking your nutrition is so important! You can have what you want just maybe not as much as you want. Unless it is something that will start you on a binge. That can happen. Find the nutrition app that works for you. (I like and use the Spark nutrition on my computer.) I figure mine out either in the morning or the previous evening and come back in the evening to make any adjustments to the size and amounts as needed. You have done it before and I know you can do it again.
    1397 days ago
    I absolutely agree with your blog and that lady at the gym. I guess the truth hurts. We HAVE to log our food intake to really know if we're on track not just eye ball it. This is my struggle. I can work out but I HATE tracking!
    1397 days ago
    I absolutely need to track everything I eat. It's so easy to me to go over my goal range unless I do. It can be quite an effort and get a bit tedious at times, but I find for me very well worth it. Best of luck!

    1397 days ago
    Healthy food can be just as good if not better than a lot of the stuff that many of us ate while we were gaining weight or what we are told is desirable in advertising. Eatingwell has a lot of great recipes as does Skinnytaste. A little effort and experimentation, and you can still have your love affair with foods and eat healthy.

    Tracking is a pain, but it's so worth it. emoticon
    1397 days ago
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