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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ok so with our city house we are looking at the possiblity of renting it for a few years and then selling it when the market may be better or when our mortgage is paid down and we won't have to take a loss on the property to sell.

I got to thinking about what I would need to do here at the farm now as priority since the prospect of renting will most likely be the way we go...and I really need to get the pantry painted and ready for the extra fridge, freezer and the like...so I got a couple of the brick walls painted with the Drylock paint which seals it from water, once that dries I can then paint it with the color I have chosen. I also need to purchase the floor version of Drylock and paint that as well and then paint with the grey we have chosen...at least in the area we plan to put the fridge and freezer as well as under the stairs...will need to do that room in sections as it is a main walkway into the rest of the basement. The room looks so much cleaner already and it feels good to have gotten that done today. I also will need to paint the ceiling and maybe even wood putty the beam, sand it and paint that as well.

With the city house I may need to paint a couple rooms to make one more neutral and the other just needs a fresh coat of paint. Other than that I think we should be good. Will also need to start cleaning it out...will start with the back garage items, boat, toys, gardening stuff and tools. Then work on the tuck under garage and a few important items in the house that I will want at the farm. Will also need to contact the insurance agent and check on the price difference if it becomes a rental and find our tax statement to see if it lists the change in taxes if it is a rental.

For the farm I have also thought about seeing what the contractor thinks it will take him timewise to complete a couple jobs for us and pay him to do so to take a little strain off of me. It will also make the basement rooms look more finished. I am seriously going to need more shelving for under the basement stairs as well as in the store room so that things can get more organized. Will also need to start figuring out how to organize the garage for tools, and the grainery for the gardening stuff...plus it needs gravel, workbench, and shelves, plus paint inside and out...it has electricity, will need to rewire it and put in needed lights.

Somuch to get done, so little time and money to do it!
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