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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So exciting news!!

This morning was my Air Force PT test. It has been a year since the last one and I truly had not prepared much for this one. I was hoping for a 90 or above, since I've always scored over a 90 and becuase if you get over a 90 you only have to test once per year instead of twice. But I wasnt expecting too much. I've been more focused on half marathon training than anything else. And training for a half marathon is different from training to run a timed 1.5 mile run as fast as possible. I'm not fast. I dont really care if I am fast, but apparently the Air Force does. Anyway, I geared up in my PT uniform - dont think I've worn it in over a year! Headed to work this morning and didnt get much done because I was so nervous! Plus, Disney World's Marathon Weekend registration was opening up at the exact same time as my PT test and I was worried the Goofy challenge would sell out before I got back to a computer!

Anyway, at around 9:40 I headed over to the base gym to get signed in and get my paperwork done before my test. I got my height and weight taken and my waist measurement. My weight was what I expected so I am glad to see that my scale matched theirs. Of course, it wasnt the best weight ever, but whatever. I think the person taking my waist measurement was very generous becuase I would have measured my own waist 2 inches largers! Either way, I would have recieved the same amount of points so I guess it's not a big deal. Then we headed down to the aerobics room for our timed pushups and situps. I was glad we go to do these before the run because the last 2 years I had to do them afterwards and by then I am exhausted! I hadnt practiced pushups at all - ok maybe last month I did a set of 20 but that was it. I ended up doing 38 pushups in one minute! Not my best, but good enough to get 9.3 points (out of 10). Next was situps - those are my best! I did 49 in one minute for the full 10 points (you max out your points at 45 so I did more than I needed to!). Yay!

Then we headed outside for the run portion. We do the 1.5 mile run on the track. I dont know about you, but I dont like running on the track. Whenever I run on a track my calves and shins hurt - just the different from running on pavement I guess. I had my Garmin on so I could check my pace and that proved helpful! I had done a timed 1.5 mile run about 2-3 weeks ago and I wasnt too pleased with my time, but I knew I was unlikely to improve upon it because I was more focused on my upcoming half marathon (this Saturday!). I do my half marathon training using the run/walk method, but the expectation is that for the PT test, you run the whole thing straight. So thats a big adjustment. The run honestly sucked. The weather was beautiful and the wind was minimal, which is always good, but I struggled. I wanted to maintain a 9:30 pace and I did most of the time, but it was hard! I did stop briefly 3 times to catch my breath. I finished my run time in 14:32, which is my worst 1.5 mile time for a PT test ever! :( We get an altitude adjustment for scoring purposes since we run at 6000+ feet above sea level here in Colorado and people at sea level obviously dont. So that took 18 seconds off of my time. I ended up getting 52.8 points for my run time. Add that all up and I got a score 92.1! Yay! I scored in the Excellent category, continued on with my tradition of scoring over a 90, and I dont have to test again for another year! Hooray!

The testing was really quick - much quicker than previous bases I've been stationed at! We were done at 11am. So I rushed back to my office even though I was sweaty and smelly and hungry, and logged in to my computer so that I could register for Goofy! Fortunately, it was not even at 50%! I was worried because it is an anniversary year, but I was able to register with no problems! I am officially registered to run Goofy's Race and a Half at Walt Disney World in January! Yay! For those that dont know, it's a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday! :)

Obviously this morning was pretty great! I went home, showered, got some food, and now I am back at work. I have some stuff to get done but I am so high on life right now that I cant really concentrate! Plus, tomorrow is my last day of work before going on leave to visit family AND run a half marathon on Saturday!
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