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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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It took forEVER for me to get to sleep last night. I finally fell asleep around 3am. I don't know what the deal is. I go through phases where this happens. I'm trying really hard to not take any kind of medicines to make me drowsy. I go through periods where I kind of depend on them, and I don't want to get hooked on medicine to get to sleep. I woke up about 8 or 8:30 this morning, though, so I'm hoping I'll be good and tired at bedtime and can go right to sleep. It's so annoying...I'll be really tired all day, but when I finally get in bed at night, I can't go to sleep. Grr!

So today, Husband and I got up and he made breakfast for us: egg and cheese omelets, and turkey sausage. We sipped our coffee and had a nice breakfast together. I made some sugar-free butterscotch pudding for dessert later today, got myself dressed (Tee shirt and sweatpants! Comfort is the word of the day!) and fixed my hair. Then I turned on the Wii Fit Plus that I borrowed from SIL last night. I ended up playing for an hour! It was so fun! I played many different games. Each little boxing segment burns about 25 calories, so that's great. I did that three times. I played all kinds of little games. It was fun, and I was really surprised when I could feel my legs working and feel some sweating going on. It was pretty cool. The boxing and the super hula hoop really warmed me up. I played other games as well, but since SparkPeople doesn't have them all listed, I just entered 30 minutes of hula hooping and 30 minutes of boxing. Speaking of which...I have been wanting to get a hula hoop! My SIL has a giant one and it reminds me of how much FUN I used to have hula hooping when I was a kid. I actually won a hula hoop contest in school once. I could truly do it for hours without stopping.

I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm LIKING exercising. Of all the other times I've been trying to lose weight, I've never loved exercising like I have been this time. Some times I have hated it, other times I have liked it ok, but this time I really LOVE it. I like being more active, and I find that when I'm not active, I'm bored. It's as if my body is saying, "Move it! Move it! I wanna GO!" I really like it. I'm also always wanting to do something different. Sometimes I want to go for a walk, other times I'll do a DVD, now I have the Wii Fit program to play around with...the weather is getting much nicer, so we can start doing some hiking. I rode Husband's bike that time, too. I want to get my own bike as soon as possible, with a great big comfy seat on it. I'm just having a lot of fun being more active. It doesn't even seem like a chore. I find myself actually wanting to do it...which is such a nice feeling!

Husband is on a bike ride now. Daughter got up about an hour ago and found her Easter basket. Then she searched all over the house and located all 36 eggs. She ate candy for a while and now she is on the Wii. I can hear her out there hula hooping. She just said, "Wow! I have FIVE!" I'm definitely going to buy that system. Husband was looking at them last night. He found some black ones that would match our system (SIL's is white). Fun, fun stuff :)

I think I'm going to make another batch of juice later for lunch. For dinner, I'm going to make some "fried" cabbage and onions with sausage (not really fried, just sautéed), and then a colorful potato medley on the side (all different colors of potatoes, baked and seasoned). Yum! And of delectable Cadbury creme egg and little peanut butter egg that I've been waiting so patiently for.


Feeling good today! My mood is peachy keen, jellybean. Exercise really does help pull me out of the blahs. So does healthy eating. I don't ever want to feel that way again, not if I can help it. I'm going to take good care of myself so that I can feel this way as much as possible. Screw being unhealthy. That crap is for the birds.

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