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Day 938... Better

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I don't know why I was suffering through my malaise the past couple of days, but today was better. Made lunch for the family today (and washed ALL the dishes after, I usually miss a couple). We had stir fry vegetables on brown rice, baked swai, and greek salad. For dessert we had lemon pound cake with applesauce or ice cream, or in my case both. After cleaning up I changed into my wetsuit and dry top, loaded up the kayaks and drove to Bear Lake. We had a lot of fun kayaking. We explored a couple swamp channels. We had never managed to get that far back into the swamp before. It was windy and the water was COLD, but the neoprene kept me warm and dry. We were out for about 90 minutes. Came home, unloaded the kayaks, changed out of the neoprene, gathered up Cooper (who had to be rousted out of my dad's bed), and came home. When I got home I decided to go for a run. I don't run straight through. I run the first 5 minutes then run intervals. I am gradually lengthening that first run interval, and decreasing the length of my walking intervals. It seems to work for me, and soon I will be back to where I was last Summer. So, add in 4 dog walks and a couple short walks at my parents' house, and I spent a good part of my day outside in the sunshine. Sure it was still pretty chilly, but it felt good to be outside. It is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, so I may run again tomorrow. If I do go out to run tomorrow I will keep it to my 2 mile loop. No need to get crazy about this after all. LOL!

Tomorrow the whole family is getting together for dinner. I think we are having roast lamb, but I might be wrong. But that isn't until 4 pm, so I have plenty of time to walk Cooper and go for my run.
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