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this is a challenge for my spark team and just thought others might like to try it also

Friday, April 18, 2014

WEEKLY CHALLENGE - This week be the first!!!!!! be the first to have something positive to say , be the first to look for the good in any situation , be the first to offer a smile, be the first to offer a hand shake, to help someone , to start clearing the table, to laugh, give a compliment, tell someone they are doing a good job, be the first to back up anyone doing something that will get things started for anything.
Let your first thought in the morning be positive, let your first action be the start of a good day, let you first thought be of health and harmony, numbers add up , all it takes it that first one to get it started, numbers have an amazing effect on our lives, they add up everywhere and when we pile on them they turn from 1 into 10-20 to 100 , this is just from the start of 1, so let this week be your week to be the first 1, let it be your first pound lost that never comes back, let it be the first week that you think and eat as healthy as you have always intended, that you stick 100% to each and everyone of your goals, that you discover the very best in you and all the awesome things you actually have to offer this world.
Let this week be one of many first that starts a path that you may have not seen , a love that that you can offer that you may not have been aware was with you, a excitement that keeps your days motivated and your aim higher, a knowing that when you start there is no stopping you and they is a never ending firsts that keep you going, explore your world in a completely different aspect, LET YOUR WEEK BE A WONDERFUL FIRST WEEK OF BEING FIRST AND FINDING FIRST'S .
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