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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Good Friday To You All Saints of God! emoticon

Yes we do rejoice in what Christ has done for us! What price He paid and the life He laid down for us ALL! Imagine the sins of EVERY person who came into the world upon HIS Body! AND forsaken at the Cross. YET He did it for US! Thank YOU Jesus! (Praise Break!) If the if the princes of this world knew what they were doing, they wouldn't have crucified the Lord of glory! Ref 1Cor 2:7-8 This is a great chapter to read in completion!


If I can behold the nails in your hand…
If I can-
The blood poured out of your body-
Mangled skin…
Heart attack within-
Eyes so marred…
Body brutally scarred-
You became blind…
In God’s time-
You didn’t plead your case…
You poured out grace-
Even Your mother didn’t recognize your face…
Your love poured out-
You never opened your mouth…
To complain-
Of the horrific pain…
This perfect Sacrifice-
You would’ve done it twice…
Just to bring us as one-
With the Father and Son…
Satan thought he had won-
He didn’t realize what was done…
Jesus has overcome-
What a great Salvation…
He is our inspiration-
Gave us victorious life…
Called us to His Light-
Forever to live in His sight…
He’s Our Eternal Delight-
Praise Jesus!
This pleases us!
By Deborah Edwards 4/18/14

Remember that Jesus is NOT still on the Cross! He came OFF! Went to hell and tore down the enemy's kingdom. Snatched his keys and Rose Victorious. He put them in OUR hands by using the Name of Jesus! You must be born again! Here's a prayer for you to pray of you need Jesus as your Lord!

If you prayed those words you ARE a NEW Creation! WELCOME to the Kingdom of Righteousness! Start reading your Bible. John is a great place to start in the New Testament. Ask me or any of the many other Christians here. God LOVES you SO much!

Thanks to all of you for your blessings upon my blogs! I truly am empowered by you every week. If you only knew how much you encourage me! Let's keep Jesus first in our lives. He kept US first when He gave up ALL!

Love & Blessings!
Holla@Jesus! God's emoticon

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