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Day 936... blue

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have no reason to be melancholy, but I am feeling blue today. I took Cooper for a long walk this morning, along with my niece and her friend. Afterward I drove them out to my parents' house, and consulted with mom and dad. Dad asked if I would drive him to the hospital in Erie for some tests sometime in May (I think he said it was for a heart cath). No problem. And mom wants me to drive her to Westfield tomorrow afternoon. Again, no problem. I am happy to do these things. That isn't making me blue. Came home, crated Cooper and went for a run. It warmed up today, so it was a comfortable run, though I was especially slow today for some reason. The sun was out, which usually puts me in a good mood, plus the endorphins from the run should have perked me up. After my run had a bowl of chili for lunch, then took another walk. I spent the afternoon alternating between reading, walking and the stationary bike. Managed to finish a book. Had dinner, walked Cooper, drank more water. Still feeling blue. I guess I will just have to accept that it is what it is today, and hope that tomorrow I feel more perky. Even though I am feeling blue I still feel good that I got in the exercise that I did, so I am still light years ahead of where I was three years ago. I suppose that is my silver lining.
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