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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I went swimming yesterday after work.

The tough thing about getting to the pool is just the ordeal of going over there, finding a place to park, changing, having to wait for a lane. Then whoa boy that first lap is chilly. It makes it hard to pull out of the train station and turn left toward the Y instead of turning right towards the house.

BUT there is this moment going through the showers to the pool door where I get a bit of a kick like I'm a kid again and hooray I'm going swimming woo hoo.

silly but hey whatever you can tap into that works

Yesterday I got to the pool and it was, of course full. That means sharing a lane. I'd rather have my own lane but not being rich enough to have a pool of my own means that doesn't always happen.

So a guy waved me into his lane and I was off and swimming. Now generally when I share a lane with someone I try to pace them so we both leave the wall at the same time and that way I can stay out of the other person's way. I was hanging in there yesterday but it was a bit of a struggle. I'm ok with getting pushed a little as long as I don't get too out of breath. I hate that waterboarded feeling of struggling to breathe in the pool.

Also I stop every 5 laps and get a drink. It keeps me from losing count of what lap I'm on and prevents that dizzy dehydrated sensation of swimming too long without drinking water.

I was 10 laps in and propped up on the wall guzzling water when my swimming partner stopped beside me. He said "man you are fast, I'm really struggling to keep up."

I am not usually the fast one so this reaction surprised me a bit and I didn't know what to say so I went with something clever like "oh well you're keeping right up with me."

Then he said, "that I am but perhaps you didn't realize it but I have on flippers."

WHAT? He did have on flippers. So here I am struggling to keep up with someone who has on flippers. Oh that's fair.

So maybe all this thrashing back and forth in the pool is starting to pay off anyway.
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