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Thursday, April 17, 2014

This week has been a struggle with getting to the gym. I drug myself out of bed this morning. Which was really hard cuz my alarm went off when I was having this delicious dream where I was making someone I can't stand cry hysterically. Ughhh I guess working out is more important. Less than 1 week until I am done with having two jobs. I have not had 1 job in ages or 4-5 years.

This past week has been the week of, "Just get rid of it, I don't care how little money we will get". First we sold my husbands truck finally, had it 9 years! Of course the guys that came to look at it were mechanics and found all kinds of issues. He made 300 less, Who cares! It's gone, we can pull out of our driveway without a massive beast behind us, literally. Then was the turtle, the guy in FL got the turtle and something was wrong with his shell. So he wanted me to bargain with him on the phone to pay us less. I told him, my mom is getting the money u need to bargain with her, not me. So my mom was all angry and ready to have him just send the turtle back. Which would cost us 80 bucks to get him back with the overnight shipping charges. Then we would have to find a rescue to give him to. OMG are you serious?? I told her, please just talk to him and see what u can get. Cuz some money better than no money, not to mention a dead turtle if we can't find a rescue. When he is already with someone very good. She called him with guns blazing and got 50 bucks less lol It's over, thank god!

Eating is better, I need to really hone in eating real food and not giving into every pizza craving. I just feel like I can't find a groove this week. I am getting my 10k steps, but not sweating steps and I need those. Last night I got a stuffed chicken breast and made asparagus and yukon golds with it. But then of course I went for the PB animal crackers. It's crazy how when I work at the healthfood store, the smells make me sick all day long. Being there working at 8 am pretty much ruins my day for nausea. Working at the plant nursery, I will have days of no nausea whatsoever cuz I am not around food smells. You just wonder how that affects you when not pregnant. If you work around food, do u tend to smell it more and eat more? Cuz I know when I am there and not PG, that happens. Maybe I am not meant to work around edibles.

I am seeing all this Passover food on every website, I wish I wasn't so busy and had time to shop and cook. I am craving for some fried matzo. I have a ton of eggs, maybe I will have the energy to go buy some matzo tonight.

Have a good day you guys!
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    I'm sorry I fell off your subscription list. Hang in there, the first 3 months are hard but the 2nd trimester is way better. I'm so, so SOOO happy for you. We definitely need to meet up. Miss you!
    1401 days ago
    The only time I couldn't stand the sight or smell of food was when i worked in a restaurant, LOL. Being around it for hours on end just made it look like merchandise, nothing to do with eating or meals.
    1402 days ago
    You are amazing. Pregnant, working 2 jobs, and still working out. Awesome!

    We have some old vehicles we need to get rid of.

    Did the turtle's shell get damaged during shipment? I don't see why that matters if he is using the turtle for mating purposes.

    I love pizza but couldn't handle it when I was pregnant. I was affected by images. You could say the word hamburger and I would almost throw up. I didn't eat any beef. I wanted shrimp.
    1404 days ago
    I loved selling our stuff and having $ (though for us it was for travel).

    Hope you feel better next week! And matzah brie is a great weekend brunch food!!!
    1405 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    Smells were bad for me when pg. I couldn't stand the smell of laundry detergent. It made me so sick. Glad you're almost done with the second job. Being pg is exhausting enough.
    1405 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Glad you were able to get rid of some things. Certainly time is money and there's always a tradeoff in either more money or more time.

    Hopefully the weather is warming again up there. My 4 year old asked again this morning, "when is spring coming?"
    1405 days ago
    Hope that things get better soon.
    1405 days ago
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