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How to handle CHANGE - Tales from 100# Down

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I want to talk to you today about CHANGE. I've had a MAJOR change in my life (moving to a new state) and it got me to thinking about how we handle "change". Often we allow change to upset our routine to the point that it CAN be detrimental to our journey to Health & Fitness. It might be something as small as a co-worker calling in sick leaving us with more duties for the day or it may be something large like a parent being hospitalized.

Here is the thing. Life happens. There will ALWAYS be something changing (if nothing else the weather). Having a HEALTH routine can be that ANCHOR that keeps us grounded when the seas are changing! Granted, we may have to adapt our plan a bit but rather than abandoning it we just mold it to the current circumstances.

A few examples:

Have to eat from a vending machine at the hospital? See if they have a fruit or sandwich selection in a vending machine. If not go for the crackers, pretzels or bagged popcorn over the candy or cookies. Flip the label and make a note of the calories consumed so you don't overindulge. EAT SLOWLY. The portion will be small for the calories. Drink lots of water (always available at a fountain if not by the bottle).

Stuck at home waiting for a repairman and can't get to the gym? Make a circuit in your own home (stairs, free weights - can use soup or vegetable cans) - marching in place - core work at the kitchen counter and core work on the floor or bed).

Eating out with the boss at a restaurant for lunch? Look for these words on the menu: broiled, baked, broth-based soup, salad, light, fit, healthy and fresh fruit. Avoid these words: breaded, fried, buttered, au gratin, loaded, creamy and a la mode.

Just learn to ADAPT. That's the key! We CAN do this!

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